The lost axe-head

Elisha had the lost axe-head
Rise and float on the water

Not lost gold or buried coins
A precious axe, a tool and a weapon

And on the side of the giant stones
The men etched pictures of their axe-heads

Allegiance to their guardians
To the ancient watchmen of the plain

The light is fading because of the clouds
Another storm flashes its light

Voices of ordinary people like I
Call in the darkness – come here, go there

A man of flesh and blood
Come down this alleyway at night
In the long shadows from the gas lamp
In the isolation

On his shoulders sat his skull
No eyes, no lips, no thoughts in his mid
He had no mind

By means of a heart of a wild beast
He moved along the cobblestones
A night terror, an omen, a jigsaw

2 Kings 6:1-7

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