If the spirit is like the fluid
Of the womb
Is the heart and mind
Like the fertilised egg

How did death get in there?
It’s a nonsense that hurts

Does the earth say to us?
You cannot have more life
Then a thousand blades of grass
You cannot live longer
Tan a thousand petals

What we seek
What we want
Is to last as long
As a thousand galaxies

Or a thousand
Of the Lord God’s
White hairs
That regrow anyway


There is a burnt sacrifice
It is for me, so I’m told

There is a burnt sacrifice
It is more than
———–Christmas dinner
In the Salvation Army hostel

There is the burnt sacrifice
Of a once living thing

Sit here a while, by the altar
Maybe it will speak to you

There is the burnt offering
You are poor, but this is beyond wealth


Was the beginning of love
A good feeling – unconscious of love?

Was the beginning f love
In the nothingness, a great a-life-ness?

Was the beginning of love
Everything that power can be?

The invisible Man of the universe
Where does he stand? Inside it
Around it? Outside of it? With it?

Was the beginning of love
The wisest thing??

Was the beginning of love
More than life?


Where the darkness
Eclipses the light
I am on the verge of tears

The animal cannot run fast enough
Its legs tangle up together
It’s paws across my body
Feel like cries

Am I all darkness?
Am I all depressiveness?

How: you can pick a burnt fleck
Off of a fried egg

And the chicken?
It didn’t ask for that


Once I saw
Someone stub out
Their cigarette
In an egg
That lovely
White and yellow food

It stood up there
Like a penis of stone
In a landscape
The landscape
Was shamed
And would not
Give birth


Life can never lose its blood
God can never lose His Love

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