I’m bored without you here

I’m bored without you here
When you are here
You don’t know me
My home has no peace
When you’re here

The film is half way through
I turn it off a moment or two
It’s lonely without you
But it’s peaceful too

In the valley of December
There’s a moon strafed, time scraped silence
The cat is real, the flat is still
The wind blows ridges in the air

Some days it’s like a grave here
Everything’s a fright
Lonely in the winter light
But not as lonely as it seems
I just like to escape to my dreams

Or sit and dull my life down
Watching TV without any sound

I love my art
But my art doesn’t love me
It sits on my easel
Waiting to be fee

I feel I must be trapped inside a TV
I have to give up
There’s no love

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