Music hall again

Imagine a little pub somewhere
With its own little music hall
It was always easy when they were drunk
To sing a song or make a joke
In the shadow of the factory outside
With the trams rolling by
And the valley under six feet of snow
With storm clouds in the sky

Someone must have made a stage
In the empty bar next door
And someone hired a local singer
And then a dozen more
Someone turned a musical joke
Out of the life that they saw
Into a popular tune of the day
And the music hall boom was born

Somewhere in Victoria land
Someone shovelling col
Remembered a tune his grandmother sang
With a whole lot of working-class soul
He changed the words to a story
About his favourite lady friend
To cock a snook at the upper class
Thus, starting a trend

Oh, when the music hall was working class
In the world so far and few between
They lost until they’re successful
Then the middle-class creep in
Taking over the running of the star
Taking all the money
And putting a tax on the bar

Then along came the movies
And music hall suffered a drought
So, lets sing a song to the music hall
And remember what it was really all about
So, lets sing a song of the music hall
It was over a hundred years ago
But still the songs linger at the back of our minds
And I hope they always will

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