You have to believe something

You have to believe something
I believe the fish
Headless and cut into two sides
Lying on an enamel shelf
It’s always the fish

Its not asking for anything
There’s a kind of acceptance
Of its fate, it never had a name
I might have had a place

In a swarm of fish like a town
With streets where they live
Freewheeling through the sea
Until the big fishing trawler in the sky
All lit up like a cluster of stars
Took their sea away and gave them a land
Of mouths that eat them
But the fish is gracious and feels for them

If you have to believe in something
You can believe in the side of a fish
The white flesh and the silvery scales
Will accept you into its past life

Love swims like a fish
Swerves and expels through the sea
Going nowhere, especially nowhere
Living for the here and now

But you walk on by, you are not hungry
You do not understand the taste of love
The fish feels for you
It feels a lot for you
Even now, it lives gathered into the swarm
A baby ghost reborn, remembers you

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