The dream cat and the red eyed mice

Cat lies down on the soft white quilt
That becomes a dream

And in that dreams white clouds
She sees battalions of tom cats

Ready to march on the highest cloud
Like little wooden soldiers with their rifles

On the shoulders
And their tall black hats on their heads

Anchored to the tall white cloud
A white ship filled with jewelry floats

Guarded by the red eyed mice
With lightning in their mouths

Now the battalion’s march
Across the blue sky singing a thunderous song

The red eyed mice throw lightnings
The tom cat soldiers begin to fall

Amongst them is the dream cat’s lover
He falls and breaks apart upon the ground

Dream cat goes over to him
She sniffs his broken body and wails

Her heart is broken, she must wake up
Now she’s awake and looks at the sky

The next time she sleeps
Upon the soft white quilt, she dreams again

She is flying through the sky
Towards the high white cloud

The red eyed mice do not see her
She lands amongst them hissing

She scratches them, she picks them up in her teeth
She throws them here, she throws them there

She reaps death amongst the red eyed mice
They all fall down and expire

The jewels are released from the ship in the clouds
They fall to earth like coloured lights

She gathers them up gently in her mouth
And takes them to safety

As she carefully places them down on the floor
They run around and play like little kittens

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