Todd Rundgren Birthday Carol

This lovely song is by Todd Rundgren from his album “Runt” 1971. Todd Rundgren produced artists at the Bear Studio owned by the legendary Albert Grossman in Woodstock.

I was born this very morning
And my brother he was also born,
In our first nine months we learned to speak
And we have been listening since early morn.
I love no one but my brother
Who spent those months with me
I hate no one and no other has so far hated me
But it isn’t yet the afternoon,
And things are still to be,
And when evening comes we all will see.

I am not very old and I won’t live long.
I was born this very morning singing this here song

Now I feel the worst for older people
Winding out their friendless hours alone
Seeing lives like plays at final curtain
Looking out to find everyone has gone home.
Is there something I can pray to?
Some offering I can send?
Or some ear that I can play to, to help him find a friend?
And maybe then redeem myself to keep me from that end
For the evening comes and who knows when.

Oh, my brother, where is our mother?
Is there no other to live together,
To be our lover?

Songwriters: Todd Rundgren

The artwork is by Bob Zoel.

Zoell’s art is formally disciplined, yet slyly self-mocking.

In 1970, he began exploring Abstract Reductive Formalism and representational painting, however he first gained attention for his counterfeit parking signs with oddly cryptic messages installed on Los Angeles streets. Critical acclaim soon followed for his minimalist abstractions that combined elemental geometric forms with evocations of “smiley” faces, stick figures, and other rudimentary imagery

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