Song: How black is the sea

How black is the heart?
How black can it be?
How black is the sky?
How black is the sea?

How black is the bullet?
That enters the brain
How black is the bomb?
That blows up a train

How black is the knife?
How black is the gun?
How black is the moon?
How black is the sun?

How black the eclipse?
That falls on the land
How black is the night?
That you don’t understand

Here is an MP3 Sibelius audio of the song

Here is a PDF of the song for desktop

how black is the sea

The film showed a dead man

The film showed a dead man
Giving out money
Even as the maggots crawled in his eyes
He gave out money in exchange for wedding rings
And all the children playing on the lawn
Stopped and cheered

A door opened
Not on real death
It was a hole in the sun through which a curtain pole fell
And the curtains flew to it
And everyone cheered
Only they were birds
In trousers
Pulling the intestines out of someone’s body
That had a halo in his makeup bag
His hands were so hot
That they set on fire

Only it was not a man
It was a document
That had a wax seal
That an eye licked lasciviously
And the children
In the playground
Saw urns full of ashes
Appearing everywhere
And as they ran about
The urns were kicked over
And the grey ash of their families
Blew away in the wind

The bravado of Limehouse

I cover the waterfront
My ghostly feet are
Bicycles in the moonlight
Shoals of fish
I eat with my rotten teeth
In my attic are sea charts
Printed in Egyptian museums

I cover the waterfront
On my seagull legs
I stand in rowing boats
That catch the even tide
When water sprites invade
The shipyards
Smiling with fish hook teeth

I cover the waterfront
Beneath the wheels
Of old wooden wagons
In an old raincoat
With pockets filled with rats
I stand on Limehouse stairs
As the river eats me away

The lady with the red light
Who stares from across the river
From the warehouses of love
Throws me sea roses
I catch the jumping sea horse
As it twitters in the coral
Like a glass Chinese sailor

I cover the waterfront
Lantern mouth
Mouth stuffed with fish bones
Whale blubber igloo compass
My deck hands like crane levers
As my bread floats upon the water

I cover the water front
Half lifeguard, half octopus
I wade out to sea
To grab a storm in my teeth
My mother in her chariot
Calls above the clouds like a tornado