Hymnal: The war for paradise

The war for paradise begins
When men will cry and rats will sing
When ships will sink and fish will fly
When guns will rattle and bells will sing

And as you approach that sandy beach
The mist must lift, the light will reach
There the garden will beseech
Put down hate and reach and reach

The war for paradise begins
The old will die, the new will ring
You’ll answer as if in a dream
All doors will open to the King

You place your feet upon the sand
You wonder what is this new land
The mountains tall and topped with gold
And nowhere is man getting old

This is a Sibelius MP3 of song

This is a Sibelius PDF of song


This song developed very quickly out of a poem that ended with a line that i liked. So i used the last line to write another poem that became this song. Then thinking i would try it in key of G I discovered it also seemed to resolve to a C. Hence the two keys in the song. I just removed the key signature of G and put in C and it worked well enough.

I wondered what kind of a song it could be and it occurred to me it sounded like an old church hymn.

It’s about the conflict in people’s minds about the biblical last days and the biblical paradise on earth.

I’m afraid I forgot to put in the guitar chords.

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