Now that I am a German poet

Now that I am a German poet
I can be as German as I like
But what is a German poet
A crumpled up/Mid European/Newspaper

Now that I am a German poet
And I loved apart
Like a dent in someone’s car
-is this true? –
I suffer with you
Over events beyond your control

America wants to withdraw
Back to the days
Before the war
They were happy then
Like people at a wedding reception

But we have no rest
We stick the peg into the next notch up
Watching the sky’s theatrical daybreak
For angels playing flutes dressed as ancient Greeks
And productions of a heavenly Shakespearian production in the skies
And the master of ceremonies to close the show
Due to an air raid

Now I am almost
A German poet
Framed for war
And second world war
And for
The antichrist
That promised
A kingdom of a thousand years
A pure race of Aryans
A world empire
A messianic kingdom
But if you think that the antichrist was bad
Make way
For leviathan

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