The antichrist will appear

“The antichrist will appear”
And maybe he did
Perhaps pulling a small cannon
Over the muddy trenches
Then, one day he was chosen
Admired for his guttural smoke and fire
And his army courage
And he was lifted up amongst some angels
That dressed in black leathers
And had rows of feathers for wings

The antichrist will appear
Like a poisonous flower in a bloody field
And grow out of the ruins
Like a stone cracking giant robotic
That grabs the tail of the fleeing lizard
And with his film-star know-how suave egotism
He becomes the Messiah to the refugees
And promises them the power and the kingdom
And the blood of their enemies
And weapons from the Ruhr

The antichrist will appear
And out of the mountains he came
Down into the turmoil of the land
Of misfortune and political chaos
Th father of the country
The new father like the old father
With a building program for the people
And a social program for the people
That was layer upon layer
Of graveyards dressed in flags

The antichrist will appear
Out of history like a golden thorn bush
There was to be no god but him
No people but his
No kingdom but his
And all would be made pure

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