They ask where is God

They ask
Where is god?
where is God?
and the two
are confusing

god is an enemy
of God
but no one knew
how to distinguish them

god is the ruler of the world
God is the creator of the earth

So they asked
Where was god
When all this happened?
It was god
Who made it happen
So that you
Wouldn’t believe
In God

And god
Created the antichrist
And gave him
A tumble-down nation
Falling to pieces

And he led them
Out of slavery
And into world war

And god said
It is good
God will be defeated
In their eyes
And have to give
The world over
To god

And the antichrist
Fought for world domination
With promises
Of a world ruled
By him
But overseen by god

But the antichrist
Was beaten
By his own hubris
And he was never seen again
And nothing could resurrect him
And when he died
His kingdom died with him

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