The doll’s house art school

Something like a bright angel
Stands in the way of the tragedy
And touches the sleeve of my coat

I see a little dolls art school
With words and paintings
All over the walls inside

It is morning
Art students traipse up the steps
Into the life room

The bright angel is there
Posing nude
Reading the morning paper
Drinking her tea

A skeleton comes out of the cupboard
And begins a life drawing

A student throws a mud pie
At the portrait of the principal

A little doll walks in
Talking in doll’s language

The bright angel covers herself up
And asks the way to the pub on the hill

I open the facade
Of the dolls art school
and pick her up
And put her down
In front of my easel
I paint a seaside scene
Using just the wind

Are you hurting she asks?
With her little voice
You can’t bring back the past
She says
Or paint the future
She says
Picking up a mud pie

This is such a magical art school I say to myself
But I’m just not good enough

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