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After a rainy day

After a rainy day searching
In the chest of drawers
That I took from a starfish
I found these few words

Fried octopus. Escarpment. Planet friendly

On this day
Everything frozen turned to stone

If I think I like it

None the less
This discovery realised
As compatible
With burning teddy bears
The English are unfriendly
Girls in yellow ribbons

If you left the tap

If you left the tap
And it follows you
Across the city

Cry wolf-ear
Into the selection
Of your
Puff pastry

If after your trip
You left the tap
In Trafalgar square

Call lion command
And direct the queen’s barge
Into the cave of salt

There is nothing

There is nothing
Like a dame

It halts you
In your motion
Towards the orange crate

Where the mind itself
Sits like a fly-over
Rock-pile desert

And she goes
Down river like a sou
A sausage squeak

There is
Nothing like it
A dame in your brain
And all that
Dancing love
Mode above us
Mrs Dalloway’s day comb

It brings back
Trains and highways
And fields
And singing daisies
Under the collar

If I let you
Will you go
Down the
Network Idaho

There’s a face
In a dark shadow
The hoola-hoops
Leaf afraid messages

There’s a danger

There’s a danger
Of wo-mantic
Side truth
In a pillar box
Of favourites

Of developing
Hurdy body
And six-gun shoots
The filter
In your stirrup
That is melting
The horse runs away
On fire
Of mangled custody battles
Where washing lines
Cross lightning worlds
Like bib black siren fighters
From Mordovia

In bed
With a dream
Soft and warm
Yor mother comes to you
With her granite hands

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