After a rainy day

After a rainy day
I find a pool of water
In the street

It’s a girl
I say “hey girl, what’s up”
She says that she’s hiding

I look at the pool of water
And I feel sad

It used to be a girl
Who, passing through thickets
Of a thorny society
Decided to hide
And become a lovely pool of water

The big men with big feet
Don’t see her as she moves out of their way

A preacher from social security
comes charging down the street
With an appointment
She’s to attend

Her mother now a worker ant
Crawls by muttering the twelve times table

It’s a nice rainy day
Now in the aftermath
The blind man’s dog disappears into a black van

Around the corner sits the giant strong man
Atlas, tying a blade to his spear

It’s as impossible as this
I cannot even lift her up
She reforms on the ground
To wait for the stars to come out
It’s almost as if she never was

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