Fly in the saucer

I’ve got your rainbow sister
I’ve got your rainbow
I’ve got your rainbow handlebars
I’ve got your skipping rope shadow blues
I’ve got your cleft lip
I’ve got our colour palette
I’ve got your mushroom penal colony
I’ve got your coral reef meltdown blues

Fly in the saucer
Is looking at me
Paperback novel murder
Cry on the border
Ice cream in the sand
Bible dream disorder
The vulture takes you by the hand

I’ve got your mouth-watering pastilles
I’ve got your magnet dear
I’ve got you contrasted octaves
And I drink your wedding cake blues
I’ve got you halfway
Between the sea and the sky
I’ve got you like a leather bubble
As the snow clown rides by

Fly in the saucer
In the bowl of your eye
Fly in the saucer
Fly, flying by

I had some music on, by Incubus, a rock band, and I found myself writing to it.

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