Satisfied by destruction

He’s satisfied
by destruction
Oh, what a lovely time
He has
While others get satisfaction
From construction
He gets his satisfaction
From going mad

He tried to love his girl
But couldn’t do it
His satisfaction was not strong enough
He longs to bring down cities
In devastation
Gives him a mental fit

He watches from his office
In his backyard
As the bombs go flying in
It really gets his pulse throbbing
Especially when the violence starts to win

He loves his wife and loves is children
But he especially loves to destroy
He never grew up
He never lost it
That love of destruction brings tears of joy

The dust and the rubble gives him pleasure
The gas fires, a wild electricity
Broken walls are pleasure doubled
He dances on the death of a ruined city

He gets his satisfaction
From destruction
It’s a kind of love
He understands so well
Reducing a country into rubble
How he relishes his time spent in hell

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