Sunday Sermon

The first beast
Led on by
The second beast
To fight at Armageddon
But fight who?

The king of the north
Marching to fight
The king of the south
But who is the king of the south?

What if they both
meet each other
In catastrophic combat
Into which
heaven intervenes?

The world
is in the power
of the wicked one
An invisible angry angel
that fights against God
for procession
of the earth
By using humanity
and The earth as a battlefield
Even now
You can see the destruction
In nature

The kingdom of God,
The kingdom of heaven,
the invisible champion
Of good for those
Who live on the earth
And the Yehovah
Is the Father of creation

People in the news
Are astonished
By the senseless
Destruction they see
As if an invisible giant
is smashing things
to smithereens

The inspired expressions
Where do they come from?

Somewhere in the middle
Of the conflict
Calling not for God’s help
But for human help

The war against God’s Self
Took place in the middle east
In ancient times
Has that conflict
Moved site
To European lands

These are my present questions
It’s hard to tell
All these rivalries
Are going

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