The minotaur’s day out

It was a day of great accolades
A day to hear and see
The minotaur went to meet the queen
And receive an MBE

His hooves clattered down Pall Mall
And people waved their flags
His roar rattled the palace guards
Who hid their Red Battalion rags

The queen stood in the palace hall
With all her attendants near
Pinning meals on one and all
All those loved and dear

Across the marble floor he came
That cracked beath his hooves
And charging like an angry bull
Stopped short before his muse

His snorting filled the palace
Do you have a sore throat said the queen
Then the ceremony began
And all became serene

For sweeping and cleaning the labyrinth
Of bones and bodies and gore
We hereby give you this honour
Oh, stupendous Minotaur

For mending his ways beneath the ground
And opening every door
And making the labyrinth so popular
By giving a guided tour

Taking the medal from out of a box
From velvet cushion for a sir
She congratulated him on his wonderful work
And pinned it onto his fur

The heat rose up from his nostrils
He turned around on the floor
And before anyone could say goodbye
He went charging out of the door

Smashing his way through the palace gates
He disappeared alone
Beneath the cities of Europe went
Back to his Cretan home

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