I’ve been imagining a giant sunflower

I’ve been imagining a giant sunflower
Its circumference is 30 feet
And it reaches up into the clouds

I was wondering what to eat today. I came up with a crisp sandwich, this is linked to a conscious action to lose weight or maybe that is an eating disorder.

Anyway, I’ve had a lung infection that has taken away my appetite but I’ve been dissatisfied with food for a long time. Queue a sausage hung on a crucifix by food scientists. Mashed potatoes sneered at by TV chefs. Beans linked to lack of intelligence. Fried eggs to obesity. What’s left for the ordinary man. Microwave meals, expensive, overestimated, super meals in restaurants that are all the same, things, pasta, noodles, rice, pizza etc. Mass produced chocolate chip muffins on every counter of every café in the country. Food is so fucked up.

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