That’s the problem

That’s the problem
They avoid honesty
They think that they have
An honest system

That’s the problem
That’s why I can’t
Get to the truth
Their honesty is counterfeit

They are on the path of red rags
That they think are roses
Because they are blind
I have all the roses

Their ears are ticklish
A singer sings sweetly
That shows them approximately
Where love could be

The heart is a gift
Wrapped in Meccano parts
Unwrap the heart
A few nuts and bolts drop out

My friend, if you read this
Without being sore at me
Keep going through the storm
Even the storm is more honest than they are

I have tried to strip off
The mask of poetry

It was screwed on
A little too loose
Could you touch my cheek?
And cry a little

My voice is gravel
My voice is hot coals
Sorrow has formed
A world of waterfalls

There are more rocks than water
There is more pain than skin

But, I can say truthfully
I have laid out my clothes honestly
Hiding nothing except the point
Where honesty turns into anger

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