I’m not going out today

I’m not going out today
I have to fix things
In the attic

The attic
Is the naughtiest place on earth
It growls like a bear
And rolls about in the dust
Like a cat

The stuffed fox
I wish it would keep still
It so hurts my head
With its spiked club

And the old-fashioned mirror
With the reflection of the old lady’s face
Why, I looked in during a sleepless night
To see her young again

The contents
Of the jewellery box
Are circle dancing
In the middle of the room
Nothing can return
Back to its proper place
I have to keep picking up the pieces

And the skeleton of the baby bird
Flies about
Looking for seed and wind chimes
Made of stalagmites

While, there by the window
An old coffin without a lid
And inside
My boyfriend is sleeping

Lets be metaphysical

Let’s be
Let’s be metaphysical
Let the moon shine
In the drawing room
Of the mansion
Where the furniture is covered
By dust sheets
And the cruise ship
Sails through the window
And the Greek statue stands
At the open door
And a wolf man hands over to you
A gold trinket box
And in that box
The meaning of the stars

Separating sex

Separating sex from a person
Is like separating the yolk from the egg
They are one person
One formed person

Yet some have tried

The sex is in the person
You can’t take it away
The person collapses
A heart without a life

There’s got to be some rational explanation to prove them all wrong, hasn’t there?

It’s a chance you take

It’s a chance that you take
Spending your whole life
perfecting a handful of poems
for someone to read
even one person to read
even just one person

cold hearted TV
cold hearted TV
dominating the airwaves
the mind, the eyes
leading people away
like grain into a millstone
like water down a drain
so many people
so many

I came across an oldl lady poet who said she did ust this and that she had

Fearful little creatures

A closer look
At those fearful little creatures
That walk about in my brain
Reveals them as
The embodiment of days
Gone wrong
Hidden under the bone boards

Now comes the voice
It crept in
Revealing itself as
My best and only friend
A support against the fear
Of all those
Fearful little creatures

This is defin

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