A “DADA” dialogue, circa 1912

“The world is dying
Let’s hasten its demise
With puppets and nudity
With madness and noise”

“isn’t there hope? Not even a spark?
Isn’t there love at all in its heart”

“Take a look at how charitable
They are to the poor
Pouring out money,
after the war”

“Just like a horse
With a broken leg
Someone must shoot it
It’s better off dead”

“The world is not going
It will not die
The world is a fabulous
Beautiful lie”

“The world it is dying
And here is the proof
Look at these corpses
Under this roof”

“let’s carry on
With bottle and can
A box full of spanners
And a huge jar of jam”

“I saw the world
In the window of a dream
Floating through space
Like a bubble of soap
I saw it fly
In the gusts of the wind
Colliding with a lamp-post
Dressed like a whore”

And fifty thousand policemen
Could not catch it
And fifty thousand soldiers
Could not shoot it
And fifty thousand bombers
Could not bomb it
And fifty thousand spies
Could not follow it

“The world is dying
And all that remains
Is the dinner suit
Left over the chair”

“Old light-bulbs swing
In a room with no rain
As all its history
Is sucked down a drain”

I believe in a love
That will save all the world
This is that love
My friend
I’ll give you that love
That will save the world
I believe a world
Without end

“The world is surrounded
By clouds of bats
They congregate
High up above us”

Soon to come down
To cover the earth
To eat all our flesh
And devour us”

“The world is dying
So let’s hasten its demise
With rattle and hooter
With shouting and with cries”

“let’s prolong it
Let’s encourage its suicide
And then we can all
go back to our lives”

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