Beginnings and Discoveries.

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On the blog pages I began to dig into my creative work a lot of which has never been shown before. I try to make it, hopefully, entertaining rather than technical. The blog pages content contains items old and new, past and present, of things I’ve worked on.  Please feel free to leave comments for without them what am I but a migrating bird without a country to fly to.

Early Education

In Comprehensive school, I began writing stories in an exercise book with imaginary Elizabethan adventurers and sad tales about dogs. The English teacher made me read them to the class. One lonely bed-bound day off school recovering from blood poisoning, a cousin, Elsie or Jennifer, dropped by with her tattered book of nursery rhymes to occupy my time with reading.

I discovered drawing at Busill Jones Primary School in Bloxwich. I had to paint a rainbow sky in watercolour, the teacher liked my effort and surprised me by putting it on the classroom wall. I also won an award for an art project for which I won a ladybird book.

Visual Art is a slower job for me to do than writing poetry (as if writing in a diary every day) while songwriting is a lunatic passion.


While I was at Art School I wrote poetry about my new life there. They were published in two booklets, “Poems Found Hanging in a Wardrobe” (Published by Outposts) and “The School” (Published by Aquila).

I write from personal experience, I have had spiritual/supernatural experiences that I try to understand, I try not to be preachy only matter of factly; also about friends, conflicts, relationships, my childhood and things happening in society.

Awards and things

I won a Millennium Award grant to do a series of paintings about Limehouse Chinatown, shown at Oxford House in Bethnal Green and the Local History Library.

I have City and Guilds certificates in engineering; and computer-aided design and Access to university certificates in music, and theatre and stagecraft.

Motto: To respect women and children; to be kind to animals and to love God

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