Song collaboration: Chris’s poem

I noticed that the four verses of the poem can become two super verses.
The first super verse is the sad one with the darkest hour, night time errors, black dog moments etc.
and the second super verse is the opposite with sunbeams, laughter and song, we will survive etc.
So amazingly, two contrasting super verses, see!

The difficult part of fitting chords to words and melody. I’m very disorganised at this. I go through everything I can think of until it seems to work. It’s like trying to hold three cats at the same time, one named lyric, one named melody and one named chord.

Now I have a guitar problem in that I tried to put new strings on my guitar and one of the plastic bridge pins was broken so I had to carefully drill out the half that was stuck in the hole to remove it, so now I’m waiting for some new unbreakable I hope bronze ones to arrive in the post. I just hope they aren’t being posted from Shanghai by container ship.


When two sides hate each other

The bugles of war are calling
They make the morning sigh
That’s the way the world works
When it wakes you up to die


There is a battle raging
They’ll take you to the war
When two sides hate each other
Enough to start a war

And u were sailing peacefully
In the blue sea of your mind
And you hoped that love would find you
That you’d see stars and drink the wine


Your life was very pleasant
You hoped each day could last
Longer than the hour time
That the sun had cast


Your girl with baby in her arms
Your work you love so much
Or else you see hope shining
So bright you need to touch


You had in mind a holiday
Somewhere by the sea
There are so many things to do
And many things to see

But now you’re in the hanging war
And if you refuse to leave
They’ll take you to the public square
And shoot you till you bleed


It would be nice to have a spare wall

It would be nice to have a spare wall
For a spare wall lasts a long time
I have so many things to look at
More than I can get in my mind

If I had a spare wall
I could pin them there somewhere
I could go away on business
And come back to see what’s there

I don’t have a lot of business
I’m not a businessman
But I’ve got a lot of pictures
In my mental land

So some of them are of loved ones
Some are still life scenes
Some I made in charcoal
Some I made in dreams

And all I need’s a spare wall
To attach them on
Many things I can get started with
And then I will be gone

I do not know ten thousand faces

I do not know ten thousand faces
I can maybe remember ten
So in the days of sudden plague
I do not miss those men

Though I hear the widows crying
And I watch the funeral march
I do not see their faces
Under the dead man’s arch

I do not know ten thousand faces
I can hardly count to five
When dealing with high numbers
Now only ten thousand are left alive

I’m glad to just wake up each day
And see the morning light
Grateful that I’d been sleeping
Through the plague of night

But then a short time later
When the plague has died away
The tears will start to fall
Beside the common grave

And the people all around me
As speechless as a morgue
Lost in yesterday’s shadows
Without a sound they walk

I don’t know ten thousand faces
They just fade away like spots
You live, you strive, you love again
It’s too hard to count the cost

I had a lonely dream night

I had a lonely dream night
The dawn was silent blue
I was feeling all washed out
Thinking so much of you

A lonely night is a woman
That can’t make up her mind
As the summer does its buttons up
And drains your cup of time

My mind is like a coat hanger
With room enough for two
But with your comings and goings
It’s a hanger of the blues

If you should see me drifting
Through the portal of the deep black night
Please use your neglected torch
To shine a homecoming light

And guide me home
And guide me home
Use your forgotten torch
To guide me home

The public have a right to know

The public have a right to know
Say the newspaper as an excuse
To start a media pile-on
As a form of ritual abuse

Can you imagine if they were living?
In the spare room of your mind
I think they’d drive you crazy
They just act so unkind

The public have a right to know
Is what they always say
When they investigate a street fight
Just to get there way

Well I never, cor blimey
I hear the gossips say
That are chatting in the laundry
Most hours of the day

The public have a right to know
Well that’s true to form
It starts off as a whisper
And becomes a media storm

Well maybe I have bills to pay
I’ve got other things on my mind
I rather I got on with my life
Than play at truth and lies

The x-ray glasses

Shane and Lisa were out walking, this time to try out some new glasses that they had found in a second-hand shop that seemed to be X-ray glasses. They had decided to go to the countryside to try them out.

Reaching a semi-wooded landscape Shane put them on first and looked so startled that he stepped back and almost fell over a fallen branch.

What is it, asked Lisa? He didn’t know how to tell her about what he had seen. Here you put them on and see for yourself. She did so. There in the wild shrubbery and buddleias, she saw something man-like, only he was oily black all over with streaks of rainbow colouring. He had an anvil and a forge and there was a strange fire, and he was hammering something, making something. She took off the glasses her eyes could not see him, she put them on and he was there at work. I’m frightened said Lisa, let’s get out of here. They slowly backed away, turned and ran.

Next episode: The children discover that his name is Adam and that he is making a weapon to fight against his enemies.