Have you ever seen a man like the antichrist

have you ever seen a man
like the antichrist
he did every evil in the book
and wrote the last chapter

have you ever seen a man
like the antichrist
he took fire from the demons laughter
and made an army to conquer the world
which he filled with every kind of destruction

his hollow shadow
is left in the fire grate
and is blown away in the draft

I walk with a bookmark

I walk with a bookmark down to the cenotaph
In a brigade of bookmarks so red in the sun

The girls of the past are waiting
With garlands of daisies for our shoulders

We are the bookmarks of history remembering
The girls that we loved, that we danced with

The sting of war is removed
The scorpions hang their heads in shame

Come down from your pyramid

Come down from your pyramid
Use sand to make a table and four chairs
Let the dogs chase the cats without fear of burial
Drink to the god who was never there

Come down from your pyramid
Handmaiden of the dead and destroyed
By the global river sit down
Fish for suns in the fast flowing current

Come down from your pyramid
Re-join the troops going home
This is the end you are free soon
Take this newfound love of something more

Let us forget the pain of the world

Let us forget the pain of the world!
He threw down a bag of money
The wine and the stars were mixed together
Love was a breath of wind rising up on the shore

The sea became motionless, the night became still
Nothing moved but the beating of our hearts
We died together yet we also lived
Such is the way to the stars

Damien Dandy

What have you been afraid of?
All these years?
What have you been afraid of?
Motorbike in country lane
You are the hawk headed rider moth
Damien dandy

Your friends the mirror people
In dusty country halls and bars
With an acetylene blowtorches
Melting down your stolen stars
Damien dandy

Test tube Teresa on the mantelpiece
In an iron corset from the coast
A bullhead in the larder
With candles burning in the garden
Damien dandy

Kiss me quick said the old hag
Selling fortunes at the fair
What are you afraid of?
When you say you haven’t a care
Damien dandy

A wild grizzly bear

a wild grizzly bear
had spent the winter without food
roaming through the blizzard
sleeping on ice and snow

he had not found food
he had lived on the frozen grass
that grew under the winter trees

then he came upon a cottage
warm and brightly lit
and he roamed around it
watching and waiting for his chance

then the door opened
and out stepped a young girl
as pretty as the springtime
and she took him inside
and there was an empty chair beside a fire
and a hot meal for him to eat

I cannot eat your food
I cannot accept your hospitality
For I was roaming around your cottage
Planning to take it with tooth and claw

But she took his face in her hands and she kissed him
He fell back in confusion
The candle flickered in the draft
And lo and behold he was a young man

The candle flickered and went out
And the girl was plunged into madness

The walls of the heart

The all of the heart
Are like a red land
The red hills
Are alive forever

But see how it feels
when darken falls
And the heart
Is nothing but leather

The light of the heart
Is a spiritual light
A bird that flies
Like a lantern

But pain is like
A fence of thorns
And love is like
A phantom

There is a block of flats

There is a block of flats
Where everyone has died
All the doors have been nailed up shut

He is the only one alive

He goes to his front door
Outside he can see the storm raging
The continuous thunder in the night
The continuous lightning that lights up the horizon

He calls out but no one hears him
From the day he first moved in, he has called out
Every night before he goes to sleep

He falls into a deep sleep

And from that sleep a man emerges
He picks up the hammer and nails

Inside the room

Inside the room there is a step ladder
But why, what for; is this a joke?

The room has no trapdoor in the ceiling
There are no doors or windows in the wall
She has been sealed in

She is pregnant and the baby is due in a few months

Now she falls asleep and in her dream
She sees a man descending the ladder
He leans toward her and whispers
Can I help you?

The voice wakes her up
The room is dark, she can barely see
But no one is there

Now she is starving to death
Her body is thin
Her child has little chance of being born alive

The room roars with laughter
The room has no eyes, ears, or mouth
Yet it seems alive

Why are you doing this she asks?
But there is no answer

Except for that dream again
Of a man who descends the step ladder and whispers
How can I help you?

She has gone through all the emotions
Terror, self-pity, anger

Now as hunger takes completely over
She is too tired to feel too much

And now it is time to give birth