Astarte here comes your first Easter sacrifice
Dragging a crucifix across the old Market Square
Salvation Army band beating a military drum
Through the wet April morning, but nobody cares

A thin young man with long blond hair
White shirt hanging loosely down
Carries the old wooden crucifix
As working-class people walk around
Not taking any notice, not feeling any pain
Just shopping for groceries in the rain

Astarte here comes your second Easter sacrifice
With a cross dragged along by the Festival Hall
A folk Rock Band plays Irish reels
As tourists and culture vultures call

There is no Christ here that I can see
He is obscured by the smiling, dancing crowd
Who would pick up his cross for him here?
The music played is very loud

The actors are wearing proper Roman tunics
The drama is free but the coffee is dear

Astarte I know what’s been lost and what’s been fixed
You can’t fool me with your game
And if your thousand Christ’s and their crosses
Entertain a lost world now, then who’s to blame?

Fireworks were exploding

Fireworks were exploding in the darkness outside
That mirrored the empty seat between us
I removed my old hard shoes so damaged by wear and tear
But even this removal was not enough

My own weight was making me sink
My voyage through life is but one more hard shore
I pulled a tape measure out of a bright night star
It showed me the length of time
Between the food on my plate and the Arena swept clean
For the blood and bones of my love

“And you the softest of all night stars,
Light without body, how you dazzle my eyes
Your milk-white face shimmers in my soul like a jug of moonlight”.

The moonlight that night was centred in a muddy halo of colours in the sky
The clouds were smoke kicked up by the horses of the apocalypse
They had passed by behind the cloud mass and left a trail of sparks
Anyone of which could set the world ablaze

There are so many doors through your soul
So many teeth that words are cut through with

The tablecloth covered over the Grey dust of the hotel you were given as a home
Peppermint grew through the weave with the taste and smell of its delicate leaves

There under it’s scented leaves that filled the kitchen
Your eyes were soft as fresh bed linen
You were as motionless as a flytrap in the shadow of the moon

There’s been a change in the weather

There’s been a change in the weather
And things are looking good
I leave my nightmare sleeping
In its pool of blood
Outside the traffics growing
Enough to reach the moon
The cuckoo clock is ticking
In my living room
The old cat flap is banging
I think I have a spy
I check my favourite website
For any creeping lies

There’s been a change in the weather
The glass case cries a tear
My polluted stream of conscience
Is running off in fear
Out in the dotted landscape
The giant scissors cut
And if I had a staircase
I’d go and take a look
I smoke alarm is ringing
I hope that no one dies
I’m checking out the comics
To see who is using knives

There’s been a change in the weather
I hope that things relax
cleaning under the sink
I find I owe some tax
Outside the air lanes busy
They’re making all that noise
Leaving water vapour trails
Of writing in the sky
The life and death that’s in me
Is sitting all about
The eagle in the living room
It wants to be let out

There been a change in the weather
The sky begins to change
A newsflash on the T.V.’s
Reporting something strange
The air is getting colder
I think it’s gonna rain
I’d try to warn my neighbour
But then they’ll just complain
My wounds are feeling angry
I’ll make a cup of tea
This is the final message
You’ll ever get from me

Here is a PDF of the sheet music with chords and lyrics.

There’s been a change in the weather

I Hear the Moon Sing

I hear the moon sing
But I see the sun cry
As your naked body begins to fly

I follow dressed in black
With the diary of your bed
With the little white angels
Who were your best bedspread

But down in your grave
Go the museum bones
The flocks of your sheep
And an old vixens moans

While you tidy your room
And comb out your hair
Did you know it was my body
They really buried in there

Yes did you know it was my body
They really buried in there

You Didn’t Make Me Jealous

You didn’t make me jealous
I understood beforehand what path I’d be put on
Like scenes from a projectionist’s slide show
They took place one by one


Via your emotional spirituality
You had been in touch with your god
And then you began to stop seeing me
You even began to stop liking me


You began to drive me out of your life
By shutting doors
By initiating negative plans


It was granted you to do what you wanted
You took it all for granted


You didn’t make me jealous
You just destroyed what little I had


The complexity of our companionship was sullied
By gossip, you took further action


Without explanation, without regret, without showing any feelings
You closed the doors to your heart

Critical review:
Your god has duped you
Your friends have duped you
Your heart has been duped

And The Heron Flies

The heron stood on the water
On your wooden heart, it carved a trinity
Two staircases emerged from the lake
A vase of yellow roses hovered there

You chewed a rosary of spearmint
I melted away into nothing
Vikings ransacked the church of your mind
You wrung a hollow-sounding Amen from raindrops

You’ve hung onto this one lasting dream
Of being in the romance of a lifetime
As the dragon dressed up as a Cardinal
And shoots you with his prickly thinking

The Heron flew onto the island
Your face was as long as a Catholic against the lake
Like an old empty black saloon car I felt empty
A bed of roses undermined your pure thinking

Let’s go back home you kept saying
But I felt like a motherless child
Roosting in a nest of deleted feelings
With my severed legs under the table