To the Voices that Lie

To the voices that lie
Under the ice and the fallen leaves
Without the true strength to stand.

To the voices that lie in the grave
Over-built with a merry go round
Drowned out by music and laughter

To the thousand voices of the civic world
With thin bird skeleton feathers burned by fire
With the heads of dead foxes hanging on walls

To the weeds choking the voices growing amongst them
With a retinue of princes and princesses
And an audience of sixty six

To the voices prized by the dead
Wearing the crowns of death
Whose words are nests that fall apart in the wind

I’ve heard so many and forget so many
And they pass by like the grass of the field


It’s A Parody Of Me


It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
The shadows, they’re not my shadows
Whose are they?

It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
What I see on the street
What do you see on the street?
Waves, rolling waves, rolling above the shadows
Shadows from where, from who?
From nowhere, from nobody

It’s a parody of me
The city skyline
The city skyline above the waves of shadows
Why is it a parody of you?
Because of how I feel
How do you feel?
Trapped, I feel trapped beneath the waves on the shadows and alone

It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
The touch of concrete, the feeling of concrete
Why is it a parody of you?
Because of the nightmare I had when my flesh turned to concrete and my tongue became swollen

It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
The death I see all around me
Becoming solid like concrete
Like the skyline above the waves breaking over the shadows crashing over the shadows
The waves of invisibility that shut out the light that filter out the light of day

It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
The circle, the circle of the earth around me, its horizon filled with skyscrapers
I feel I am in the centre of a Stonehenge circle
I feel that I am on the sacrificial altar stone in the middle of this horizon of skyscrapers
That I have turned to stone, that my tongue is swollen
That I am having a nightmare
That the shadows beneath the waves are surrounding me wearing cloaks of invisibility

It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
The loneliness etched into the stones
Is like the loneliness etched into me
As the knifes break upon my bone and the sacrificial loneliness ebbs out of me
Bubbling in the sun with laughter
The laughter of my blood getting louder
Filling the whole city
Echoing through the city streets
Flooding around the skyscrapers that surround me

It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
The soft touch of the air of life upon my body
Lighting my flesh up into the great tent of the sky
Waving it like a flag in the sky above the circle of the earth
I can feel the summer wind blowing around my flesh that flutters like a flag
Above the circle of the earth
Above the circle of skyscrapers circling the altar stone in the shadows beneath

It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
The way nobody seems to see me
The way nobody seems to know who I am
The way a thin film of me sticks to people like clothing
Making them invisible to each other on the street
The way the laughter of my blood floods over them and down the city streets like a tidal wave
A tidal wave of laughter
Like the lighthearted laughter of people before their deaths in a battle
Laughter amplified so much that their ears cannot even hear it

It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
The way the world dries up the pools of rain on the pavements and roads
The way it disappears and leaves nothing and the light from the sun bounces of the windows and into the shadows where the waves are ebbing back to where they came from

It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
The way the whole city seemed when I first arrived here
The whole city seemed empty
The whole city, the way it sang,
The way the sky about it made the concrete sing
The way the empty skyscrapers seemed to sing up to the sky a song no one could hear
The way people were invisible in the shadow beneath
The way they vanished like pools of rainwater in the wind from the city pavements and city streets
The way I could see it all as if it were a mirror of my own naked flesh bathing in the pools of rainwater
As the laughter of my blood swamped the skyscrapers in a noise so loud that human ears were incapable of hearing it

It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
The way I’m being mirrored by the concrete
The way the circle of skyscrapers seem to mirror me as I lie on the altar in the middle of them
The way they mirror my flesh that has turned to stone and my tongue swollen in my head
The way I see myself mirrored in the concrete
The way the concrete feels like my flesh
The way this old volcanic stone has been set into skyscrapers
The way they are cold and heavy like the way my flesh felt cold and heavy in the nightmare that I had

It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
The way my mind can make things vanish
How dos your mind make things vanish
The way they vanish when you close your eyes and time spreads all around you like sand filling your ears, filling your mouth and your nostrils
The way everything seems to become a dream that vanishes like pools of rainwater dried up by the wind
The way my mind gets separated from the circle of stone and the concrete around me
The way it seems peaceful separated from the endless inner pain that grows in my like a tree that grows through the middle of me
Growing up through the circle of skyscrapers
Growing taller and taller producing a single red fruit that that hands from a branch
That is snatched and away and taken and consumed
That is stolen from me
Then someone comes to cut down the tree that grew from the altar into the sky and produced that one red fruit
And it falls and it crashes into the streets and the shock wave follows the laughter made by my blood laughing so loud that no one has hearing that can hear it

It’s a parody of me!
What’s a parody of you?
This Babylon, this Citylon
This city


God can bring them back
For look, look at the universe,
The spiral galaxies, the black holes,
The never ending existence of space.

Tell me why only flesh and blood could exist out there
Explain to me why you hate the idea of spirits
The truth is you cannot, you have no excuse
You are a product of ignorance.

For look, look up there and see
There’s nothing that cannot exist
And there’s all the time and space
To ensure that it does.

And the God, is a master of His environment
And the God is a creator of His environment
Just like we are masters of ours (young as we are)
Just like we are creators of ours (young as we are)

But God is patient he lets destruction alone
Until it forms its end;
But we are impatient we are in destruction
And our end is formed.

But God can bring it back
Like relighting a candle-flame
The whole universe is his laboratory
And we are his creation.


Solomon had many Wives

Solomon had many wives
But Sheba was a queen
She gave him many presents
But she also had her dreams.

His wives lived lives of luxury
Inside a big hotel
Solomon lived in heaven
Sheba lived in hell.

She lived out in the poor streets
In a house of broken love
Where virgins were a sacrifice
And tenements ran with blood

She stole a pure white wedding dress
Then stole a forty-five
And shot her way to freedom
Leaving no one left alive.

She heard of a penthouse
That shone like diamond light
By a flowing river
Beneath a starry night.

She took her stolen goods
Her guns, her wedding veil
Aand crossed the city limits
With a patrol car on her tail.

Sheba was a back-street girl
Who lived to make dreams real.
Solomon was a millionaire
Who knew what cards to deal.

She took him many presents
His secrets to unroll
But Solomon was a wise man
And saw inside her soul.

He called the chief inspector
Who knew her terrible crimes
He waited in the streets outside
A police force for the times.

But Sheba fell for Solomon
And wore her wedding dress
And promised to reform her ways
When he put her to the test.

She said she would repay the state
All the things she stole
And went out of the front door
Into the night so cold.

The jealous wives called state police
Who knew her terrible crimes
They waited in the streets outside
With their machine guns and their knives

A hundred city policemen
Fired their guns so loud
She fell dead in her wedding dress
Into the streets so proud.

And Solomon wept to hear of it
The executions roar
When Sheba’s dreams were ended
In the silence after the storm.

His many wives got jealous
And called the state police
Who surrounded Solomon’s palace
Prepared for a blood feast.

The Reptile and the Fish


Reptile: Sheet of flames before my eyes
Sheet of burning fire in my brain
Onions burning in the night
The burning onion fields are bright

Fish: Against you comes the sleepless ocean
Against you comes the tidal wave
Against you comes the moon layered tides
Against you the blistering bubbling seas

Reptile: Flying on a reddened cloud of flames
Above the watery cistern of the sea
Walking on explosions of fiery flame
Where you cannot get to me

Fish: Slapping waves slip through the air
Slapping the rocks, the sand, the glare
Glint of the sun that glimmers in the gloom
Fragments the embers of the red hot moon

Reptile: Over red-hot grains of smoking coals
Through smoke filled air and sun hot inferno
Through darts of flame of burning light
Over quaking, baking lava flows

Fish: The march of the oceans, rivers, and seas
Eroding the granite covering of fire
Pushing down mountains and dissolving lands
Denuding the gargantuan flames desire

Reptile: The flames that rage with powerful heat
At flight of skies and sleepless seas
Stamping on seas with steaming feet
Awoken with molten mixtures so deep

Fish: The cold, cold heart of fathomless sea
Filled with darkness at the sight of thee
The sun quenching skies overcast and black
Rumble and roar and with deluge attack

Reptile: Open eyes burning with fires so bright
With terror of flames like stinging hornets
With serpentine flames of venomous bites
That blister and hiss at the watery night

Fish: In sleepless swimming swaying seas
The treacherous heart with its watery keys
Filled with salt to rub in your wounds
A smothering blanket to catch away your breath

Eagle: The wind will puff from its mountain height
Turn water to snow and blow out the light
Exhausting the oceans emotional heart
Turning the flames to a crackle and spark

With a spinning eye, the sword slash of air
The invisible winds will no wrongdoer spare
Keep still you seas with your sleepless tides
Stay cool you fires to earth chambers hide


I’m Talking in a Storm

I’m talking in a storm to the calm world.
I’m talking in a storm to the hushed room.

In the courtroom the storm is harnessed.
I am witness to it’s troubled past.
How wind and sea were bad parents,
How wave grew to angry sea.

The past of the storm is legendary,
The child of famous parents, his identity was lost.
The wayward wind was never home-
The sea would send him to foreign shores.

I’m talking in a storm to the quiet world:
To the judge I talk with tears of troubled years.

Can you hear my pleas?
So used to telling tales am I.
You may not believe I’m real,
But would I be here if I didn’t care.

That’s all I can say.

Yes I was a wayward parent,
With storms of my own to deal with.
Fame brought self-indulgence.
I thought I could ignore my own storms.

I left them to be picked up by my child.
My child is now on trial here for his life
And the storm has returned to its homeport
After causing a trail of destruction.

I’m talking in a storm to the calm world.
So inwardly I look; outwardly I cannot cope.


I was inspired by the story of Marlon Brando’s son who I think killed someone. I was interrupted by someone and was not able to finish exploring the subject with its fascinating and complex layers of emotion.

One Bright Red Rose

When I heard of what you did, I knew you were true
But I wondered if you knew it too
But I expected this day to come my way
But the reality is over awing
I’ve been standing so still, like a calm pool
That no wind could move or wear away
Just like rock knows the next year
So the dream will see it.

The post box lifts up its skirts
and takes off down the road with my letter
running to catch the plane at the airport
to deliver the letter over the Irish sea
take the letter personally to your door.
No strikes or wars or earthquakes
can stop it, you’ll have my letter soon
I can be positive, I can be assured.

My cold white feet look like the damp white snow
As darkness drifts into the sky.
The windows yawn open in the whistling wind
the travelling alarm clock looks tired.
I’ve just crawled out of my empty pocket
Into the circus ring of my mind
I can hardly decide what road to take
As if love was still a crossroad sign.

I’ve been in oblivion for 14 days
Will your remember me at all?
I’ve had no money for 14 days
I’m thin from not eating enough.
I promised myself that I’d love you
Everyday that I knew to exist
But I took the road into limbo
And my watch fell decaying from my wrist.

Now the mysterious road to you my love
Is plagued with mental disease and doubt.
I sit claustrophobic in my hotel room
Not daring to spend money or go out.
But I think of you and my heart feels blue
But my imagination plays magic tricks
By putting doorways into the empty sky
Endless corridors where my decisions drift.

I’m trapped and strapped in a timeless vacuum
That I never shook from my mind.
Parting from you is so heartlessly cruel
When people demand I should account for the time.
If distances were paved with gold
I could afford the train to your home every time.
If numbers always came consequently
It’d be no puzzle to dial your telephone line.

I’ll just submerge into depression
Let those bells ring aloud in my dream
And wake up in the jaws of dilemma again
Count my money and walk the streets.
Maybe if the snowfall ends
And I can change out of these dirty clothes
I’ll visit you to see if you remember me
Bringing you one bright red rose.


Song: Neglected Boy

The neglected boy

He really doesn’t know
Is there
Love across the ocean
Love across the sea
Doesn’t seem to be waiting
Anywhere near me

You really don’t know
What you’re doing
Do you?
I mean
You’ve got your orders
You’ve got your papers
To complete

But after spending
All day at your desk
You get out into the street
And there’s something
In the sunshine
That overwhelms you

The neglected boy

It has no north or south
No sun or moon
It has no eyes or mouth
And it thinks outside
Of its balloon

That’s all you know

Neglected boy



A partial Music sheet in PDF
Neglected Boy 1



A partial music sheet in PDF
Neglected Boy 2


Like Honesty

Here I am staring,
At Honesty,
Purses full of seeds.
Some people say
She escapes from gardens,
But I found her alone
By the canal-side
Half a mile from anywhere
One plant growing
On miles of towpath
Soft serrated pear-shaped leaves
Four purple petals
Like butterfly wings
Looking from the hedge-growth
So I picked her and brought her home
And put her in a jar of water
And as evening falls
I stare into the face of honesty
Her flowers
Pretty and vivacious,
Gentle and bright
Have gone and now
She’s turned silver with age
And I’ve fallen into a sad mood
Wishing I knew a girl
Like Honesty

Through the glass top of my coffee table

Looking through the glass top of my coffee table
I see the people in Canary Wharf

Adam and Eve were ashamed of their nakedness
But maybe they were more ashamed of what they were thinking
The tree of knowledge had started to infiltrate their minds
An alien life form had begun its life

What is this class under this glass? What is class?
Those with the intelligence to use the knowledge of the world
Swarm here under the glass of my coffee table
Through the shopping centre
Up and down the escalators
A world lost in a lost world

Smart, clean, sharing the same determinations
Escalator man and escalator woman
Each wanting a bite of the fruit
What else is there to life?

Why was God angry
Why was knowledge so bad?
Looking down through the glass of my coffee table
The tree is covered in stinking ivy; dead bodies are now its fruit
Knowledge is a whirlpool in the sand
A hollow tree trunk, aged and rotten

The internet has it all
All the knowledge of the world, both good and bad
And in this an empty centre, a hollowness

Something was left behind a long time ago
Fear of falling, clinging onto the knowledge of the world
What was Adam and Eve supposed to be?
How did this knowledge change them?
What did it replace in their minds?

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