Some thoughts about fake news

There has been (a lot of) fake)news about the bible! ///-
the world I think is built on fake news
otherwise known as lies
well there’s some good in the world
medicine and science, art and sport
and many other things
that have had their brightest light setting taken away from them
by the rising tide of mis-management and greed
God has not had published that science is bad
but a lot of science says that God is non-existent

yet go back to the story of Adam and Eve
there were many trees in the garden
but there were two that should be left alone
the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
so these trees represented something about life and learning
that there were many other trees in the garden
suggests that there were other trees
that represented other things to learn about
and indeed wasn’t Adam by naming the animals
also having to learn about them
alas the lies, the fake news of the serpent
led the first world into a millennium of violence and calamity
and of mankind having to begin all over again




The Secret Garden

I’d passed by the secret garden
Once before
It didn’t call out to me then
It didn’t attract me into it
It was the beginning of autumn
The deer enclosure seemed more exciting

Then one day there was you
The mystery girl in the secret garden
Observing the symmetry of its pathways
The quietness of its winter temple
The inner ring of hedge and bench
That seemed like a lover’s sanctum

You seemed to be taken away from me
Following a dream
In private ecstasy
The recollection of a memory
That you shared with sleeping trees and flowers

In my heart, I had tears
Born from my observation of you
The rare orange blossoms left
Upon bare winter branches
Caught my eye and I wanted to pick them

For the mystery girl within you
Born in a secret garden
Who wants all of its beauty
Who wants all of its life
Walk just a little further
Search just a little deeper
And you will find a secret garden
Grown from wild pleasure

The orange sunset inspired you
Through the darkness of the avenue
The private road, a pathway of evergreen
The huge white dogs carved in stone
A bridge over a stretch of friendly water
The park gates between colossal columns
The sunset again

Then the secret garden was gone
But had breathed into us
And left the seed of its’ angelic breath
That grew into a magic living spell
Searching out our hearts

JAN 17

The pain of nakedness

The pain of nakedness
In the Mediaeval morning
Bitter as the sweet dew
Where heartbeats flower
From the amnesia of clothing
In the single heartbreak
In the honesty of morning air
Yearning for affection

The pain of nakedness
True as unexpected tears
That walks through a park
Made of the scenery of dreams
The tingle of the flesh
The tight vulnerable skin
The unprotected fantasies
The darting red deer of lust

The pain of nakedness
Its eternity through night and day
The never ceasing longing
To touch the pain of nakedness
To be touched and kissed
To be loved and caressed
Oh why do people run away?
Why do they bury their nakedness?

Isn’t there a Saviour?

The pain of nakedness
Born into a cradle of tears
Dying in the shrouds of anxiety
With the flesh turning to rags
The heartbeat silenced
The unsatisfied years disintegrating
The spirit like lightning strikes the ground
But goes out like a candle flame

The pain of nakedness
A game of endless patience
On an empty kitchen table
And now sleep and night and death
Often cuts short the winning hand
So often severs life’s fulfilment
Or separates the pleasures like oceans
Around the pain of nakedness

Jan 16th 98

The youthful spirit

A writer testifies to the youthful spirit
And to the love that never dies

And from his words
All men and women
Would think he was a youthful man
Full of laughs and sighs who died so long ago

To words of love alone
There is no ageing process;
They live in everyone’s spirit
Even when the body expires

Richmond Hill

Let’s go to Epping Forest
Or Richmond I suggested.
Then, in the blink of an eye
You had planned the day –
We went to Richmond Park.

From the station to Richmond Square
You ran in your excitement
To show me your old haunts
Where your many sorrows
Have silvered Richmond’s’ beauty.

I followed you down the lane
Along the quiet and silken river
In the silver winter air
Where a Medusan stray cat colony
Lived in bushes around a bridge.

We climbed Richmond Hill
Beneath, the bending river course
Sprang eastward to London twilight
A silver lava, melting in mist and trees –
Into the forge of eternity

Through the lonesome park gates
You ran uncaringly
Somehow free of your cares
Up the steep wintry hill
Until I objected to your games.

Then you hopped
-With two big happy eyes
Across the rain soaked rabbit warrens
As a song drifted into your mind –
“‘Bright eyes” you sang to yourself –

Bright eyes glowed in the Lebanese Cedars.
Then as if by magic two green parakeets
Squawking, soared above the cypresses

From the hotel restaurant window
I sat watching squirrels play
In the vaporous gauze of evening
A breath of Eden draped with half-light
The mysterious shadows of sylvan trees

And a new girl friend sitting there with me.
Back on top of Richmond Hill
We watched the rim of the sunset,
Like a red hot penny dipped into a forge,
Drown in the orbit of the earth.

As if it was meant for you alone to see
I wondered if the angels had demonstrated their glory
There with you on Richmond Hill.

As you enjoyed its beauty, I thought
Of the time and distance from where we sat
When Richmond Hill – in summer
Would be the other side of that awesome star,

And I wondered about the both of us then
And about where we would be.

Jan 9th 98

Oh my love, here I am, because of you

I went into a courtroom
Somewhere in the sky
I didn’t speak to no one
I didn’t even try
The people swam like fish
A hook was hanging down
It turned into a slaughterhouse
With carcasses moving round

Oh my love
Here I am
Because of you

I went into a lecture room
To listen to a cloud
It spoke with bolts of lightening
As it pranced across the ground
I saw a pile of teenagers
Their bodies heaped up high
My gills turned into water
My moths began to cry

Oh my love
Here I am
Because of you

I went into a temple
Somewhere in Languedoc
I saw a strange mosquito
preaching from a rock
A fishing boat was passing
With passengers dressed in white
Singing Halleluiah
Into the falling night

Oh my love
Here I am
Because of you

The locust men were following me
in the tunnel of a drain
Where stacked up just like firewood
Were the engines of a train
I climbed a fallout shelter
With it’s balustrade of fog
Where a circle of strange sailors sing
Drinking bowls of grog

Oh my love
Here I am
Because of you

I went into bed and breakfast
for serpents of all kinds
I knew that you were with me
In a suitcase full of signs
The last thing I remember
Was the crows of Hackney Wick
Rising up like Satan’s flames
To the tick tock tick tock tick

Oh my love
Here I am
Because of you

Here are an audio and a PDF of the poem/song

ohmy love, here I am, because of you

I think that British society’s in

I think that British society’s in
an awful f*****g mess
I can’t escape the thought that
no one could care less

right and wrong are pastries
on the supermarket shelves
and no one has directions
into their real selves

the court was like a factory
the university too
what’s the seat of learning
now coming to?

its worse than the third world war
and what seems even worse
the battle seems unwinable
it’s like a national curse

the strata of society
looks like a chocolate flake
and every streets a dead end
every tower blocks a fake

the stiff upper lip
paints a whitewashed wall
and all the little frogs of love
are dieing in the hall