I could annoy the cat
With a water pistol
I could use the phone
I could sing
I can write
All without moving from my seat

I can listen to the noise outside
I can feel the breeze from the door
I can wake up
All without moving

When I’m mollified
I stare at the books in the bookcase
I realise I haven’t read them
I stare at the TV
I do not want it on
I want to feel good
I want more life today

The kettle

The kettle is small and sad
Inside it are compressed tears
Inside it are sorrows by the thousand

The kettle sits silent on the stove
The kettle has never blown its whistle
If it did all the world would cry
At its tales of woe and manifold epitaphs
If it did the world would whither

Now, hear it – the whistle blows
A million flocks of birds cover it with their wings
Around it the doe eyed rabbits stare in pathos

Your teeth demand sweets

Your mouth demands sweets
Your hair demands wind and light
But a roman army came
Like a legion of aliens
Who loved obscenities and shed blood

Your feet like meadows
Your fingers like warm bodies
But an army of Egyptians came
Who hacked at bodies
And thought that love was a lie

Your eyes doted on babies
Your breasts were lived in by birds
But the British army came
Yearning for prostitutes
With five ways to kill a sentry

Your thighs were strong at dancing
Your hands would draw pictures out of the air
But Assyrians came to destroy, knowing only carnage
In whose hands the vanquished were slaughtered

Your wrists were graced by bracelets of wild flowers
Your neck was beautified by beads of precious stones
But the Babylonians came
They salted your wounds and took you away
They boasted of their sorcery and magic

And now for your sake
A host of golden angels gather on the mountain tops
Each one has marked his target
As the golden light of dawn kisses the eastern sky
As each one waits for the sounding of the trumpet

in the house of detention

In the house of detention
In the house of the lie
With memorial flowers
It’s too late to be wise

Where angel Gabriel
Is singing his song
The bridesmaids of yesterday
Have black dresses on

The aisle’s full of roses
The seats, washed with tears
It’s a dumb foundation
a time for great fears

on the road into Eden
Where our loved-ones go
there’s a lake of the demons
In the caves below

Song: I carry my art in my head

I carry my art in my head
I take it where ever I go
From garden of Eden
Until Armageddon
I’ve known all
that you don’t need to know
I know all
That you don’t need to know
In my studio of dreams
In my gallery of hope
In my palette of many colours
To the hanging rope

I carry my art in my head
I carry it up and down stairs
From the tree of broken life
To the new – earthly paradise
My dream face in nightmare
now stares at the slope
In my studio of dreams
In my gallery of hope

I carry my art in my head
There it is, alive or dead
From birth of the blues
To song of the grave
There’s art in there somewhere
It is said
Oh. studio of dreams
Oh, gallery of hope

My theory of nothing

Just imagine you are out there
In nothingness. Now nothingness
Is nothing, it is 99.9999% of
Everything you think you can see
Except you can’t see it, you can’t see
Nothing. Once a long time ago
It must have been 100% and
So imagine you are there in
Nothingness, no nothingness
Not even an atom. No birds, no angels
No suns, no grasses, nothingness

Scientific fact, nothing is and
Means nothing, before the universe
There was nothing, the 0 of digital numbering system maybe.

Nothing ness is not there, it is nothing.
Yet the amazing thing is you
Can add something to nothing
A star is a star
Nothing is non-thing, not
Nothing. It cannot go on and
On and on or be measured, it is

You can measure the distance between
Two stars but take them away
And there is nothing.

Nothing is nothing is nothing
As Gertrude Stein might say.

When you realise the possibilities
That nothing has then you can
Begin to create and make stars

Build stars and you can and life
End the existence of things and
You have nothing

Between each star there is nothing
It is always there, star or no star
Nothing does not exist

As far as you can go there are stars
Take them away and you cannot go
Anywhere because there is nothing.

So just imagine you are out there
In nothingness and you are the only
Living spirit that there has ever been . . . .

You are God.

The cold, cold, war

The test pilot with goggle eyes
Flew the borders of our lives

The food hoarder with a crooked back
Protects the altar of our lies
On that altar the golden fleece
That’s all that’s left of extinct beast

The spy networks ring of gold
Is the holy grail of most men’s soul
The authors lips are spoken with
In sterile worlds in which to live

When general thumper pounds the desk
The peacemakers have no rest
The cold war ended but it just got colder
The fear and mistrust just got older

The tank commander rides the border
Trying to contain the social order
Great eyes in the sky focus down
At foreign leaders on the ground

People now work over time
To pay the cleaners to remove the slime
The bankers crawl through garden plots
They eat the money and leave the rot

Politicians kiss their hands
As culture and economy turn to sand
The cold wars ended we are told
But since, we feel even more cold

Scientific Nazi research
Bolstered war plans across the earth
Oil supplies are tainted red
From all the blood soaked to its bed

Children of social conflict scream
As chemical weapons devour their dreams
The winds of war blow from every side
The TV melts from genocide

The happiest people are the insane
The majority live in pain
The fear of death haunts young and old
Their freedoms rat gnawled rights are sold

The cold war ended so we’re told
But why does everything feel so cold

There is a dream to share our time
To help others, it all seems fine
But if the axles are not greased
The onward motion will just cease

And all the people in the van
Will stretch out their lily-white hands
And as they twist and turn and fall
And crash their free ride into a wall

The fires of youth sprang from the earth
An attempt at change began to work
But soon became a commodity
To by and sell what was almost free

To protect itself from loss of power
Plans were made in the darkest hour
To send in the mounted police
To break and tar and end the peace

At every exit stood the dogs
The trained beasts of Gog of Magog
As men and women tempers broke
And social protest just got choked

The cold war ended who said so
The cold war ended that’s a joke
It hasn’t ended it just changed sides
And everything has turned to ice

The working class are on their own
Their way of life, now turned to stone
As their insurance slowly erodes
A quiet breeze begins to blow

Soon their structures will start to feel
The truth about yet another new deal
As modern man now grabs his loot
Neanderthals will feel the boot

As governments use their force to subdue
All that was good, all that was new
They pick the flesh from people’s bones
And even evict the poor from their homes

And the cold war ended so long ago
But the land is covered in a fool of snow
The cold war was won, the wall came down
But an ice age has come to town


A rambling maybe pessimistic portrait of post-cold war days

Metal poisoning

Metal poisoning
From giant noisy factories
Where giant sheets of steel are stacked
Ready to be consumed by machines the size of a horse

Metal poisoning
From great crates of waste cut offs
Sharp spiked shelving sized slabs of thin steel
With holes punched in them by presses the size of trees

Metal poisoning
Great gusts of car fumes gushing out into the streets
The evil smelling breath of the western dragon mixed into the beautiful oxygen of earth
Reminder of volcanic times of prehistory

Metal poisoning
Back to haunt sentient life with cosmic destructiveness
Back to suffocate the vulnerable saints of myth and legend
Back to reconquer the soft tissue of four legged creatures and extinguish them

Metal poisoning
Absorbed into the blood from oxygen
Making a place for itself in the brain’s imaginings
Rusting in the thoughts creating harmful dreams

Metal poisoning
Filling every bone in the body and causing deformity
Replacing the calcium and creating mutations
Metallic people flesh, cold and emotionless

Metal poisoning
Filling the jaws with talk of blood letting
Filling the heart with feelings of sulphuric emotions
Turning the soul into a machine


This is a horrible idea that from the metal poison in the