Broken Blossom

the fallen blossom

The fallen flowers collected off the ground from the fuchsia outside. Wonder plant so abundant as fast as they fall they are replaced by new.

The variations. The strange look of the flies that an angler uses to catch fish.

I was going to draw them but haven’t time to do everything so this will serve the purpose of a sketch, memorandum. I have tried to glue them to the cartridge paper with PVA glue to see what happens.

Broken Blossom a memorable old film by D. W. Griffith about Limehouse Chinatown 1919.

Home and mind No 1

the first picture is of my exercise machine not my exercise machine really because as it will last longer than us mortals it will belong to someone else one day.

i am tempted to put the tag #vintage because it is an old-ish cycle machine.

you want art nouveau in your exercise machines, yes!
exercise equipment loves it’s curved lines.

The it’s supposed to be a bar chart I think its called, is an idea I had to measure the ego of different countries governments.

the centre line is a normal standard people ego in a normal world. Rising or falling above this line are the government egos that rule or misrule – or misrule by rule, or rule by misrule – the country.

please feel free to zoom in and drop something!

I don’t know who I am

I don’t know who I am
I’m just a tin of pam
I’m like some meat in a can
With a bloody hand

The stars I like and they like me
The cat sleeps and forgets her fleas
The picnic table in a hole of blood
I don’t know who lurks in the wood

I don’t know who I am
You’ll never understand