drawing: living like kings

king neb’z wealth

the figure is from William Blake’s king Nebuchadnezzar, eating grass just like a beast of the field. I have added his big house, his car, and his luxury holiday home to the picture, using adverts.
originally my first sketch of a hairy grizzly beast but it reminded me of the William Blake picture zo I tried this as an experiment.
if I were to make a painting in oil I would use original sketch. drawn With soft pastel on a-tWo cartridge paper.

the condition of man

The man at the back of my mind

The man at the back of my mind

The naked man in a prison of time

Suddenly the door to the cell opens and a man stands there

What is that in the window – a bird of freedom

Is the man in the doorway going out into the street
If so, is the naked man really a prisoner except in his own mind