Painting: The Covid Patient

the hospital patient

I was talking to a friend, it was during the pandemic, and she had a cold, i was afraid she might end up in hospital with Covid, or something. It ended with me doing some drawings about it and one, this design I felt might be OK as a gouache drawing (but not as an oil painting). I did a few trials with it and have ended up with this one. I brought a frame for it even, unfortunately the supplier sent the wrong size card inset, typical.

Painting: The three trees

the three trees

I was attracted to these three trees standing by the river. They grow on a small mound of earth with a group of people picnicking, and it made me think of the crucifixion scene. So, the Thames become the river of eternity, and the wind the winds of destiny. It was a difficult thing to do, and I finished it in March this year and kept it aside or a while.
The tree on the left is broken and represents the disbelieving thief, and on the right the thief who did believe. It was painted in oils. Across the river is Columbia warehouse. The river has been tried to represent in a mystical way as a twisting, turning, interwoven blue cable of water. The invisible wind is represented by ghostly lines weaving through the trees.

I fell in love with a doorstop

i fell inlove with a doorstop_000114

I fell in love with a doorstop? Small notebook paper. This new series of little drawings could provide material for a series of paintings one day. I don’t quite understand this, is it about me, or is it imagination, I don’t know. The torso is De Chirico inspired. But in a comic book, or similiar style. I had some idea about drawing a block of wood to see if it come up with any ideas.