Song: She called it so called love

She called it so-called love
She called it love so-called
In disappointment plain
She didn’t seem enthralled
And no one seemed to understand
The anger deep inside
She was hoping for their love
Instead she got their lies

She called it so-called love
So-called it was said
The way she placed her trust in them
And now her trust was dead
They all held hands together
They danced the circle dance
This made a good impression
But it was only happenstance

She called it so-called love
But it was a shallow heart
That people hold together
Yet easily break apart
She hoped for nothing more or less
Than love and security
But came the time to speak as one
The pod was full of me’s

Don’t be afraid
If love falls out with love
Please be strong and
Please be true to love

A PDF  music sheet of the music and words to this song

She called it so-called love



They run in masks of news reports
That resembles you and me
They turn the nut upon the thread
To control what’s said for free

They glide in heavenly sky ships
In balloons for special views
They do not land in dirty streets
Without to twist their news

Their boat keels float in carbon air
Their minds are filled with gas
They never talk to note worthies
Without a security pass

They come down from the mountain top
With tablets made of sand
The merry-go-round they push around
Is made of normal man



There’s been a change in the weather

There’s been a change in the weather
And things are looking good
I leave my nightmare sleeping
In its pool of blood
Outside the traffics growing
Enough to reach the moon
The cuckoo clock is ticking
In my living room
The old cat flap is banging
I think I have a spy
I check my favourite website
For any creeping lies

There’s been a change in the weather
The glass case cries a tear
My polluted stream of conscience
Is running off in fear
Out in the dotted landscape
The giant scissors cut
And if I had a staircase
I’d go and take a look
I smoke alarm is ringing
I hope that no one dies
I’m checking out the comics
To see who is using knives

There’s been a change in the weather
I hope that things relax
cleaning under the sink
I find I owe some tax
Outside the air lanes busy
They’re making all that noise
Leaving water vapour trails
Of writing in the sky
The life and death that’s in me
Is sitting all about
The eagle in the living room
It wants to be let out

There been a change in the weather
The sky begins to change
A newsflash on the T.V.’s
Reporting something strange
The air is getting colder
I think it’s gonna rain
I’d try to warn my neighbour
But then they’ll just complain
My wounds are feeling angry
I’ll make a cup of tea
This is the final message
You’ll ever get from me

Here is a PDF of the sheet music with chords and lyrics.

There’s been a change in the weather

This is the beginning

This is the beginning
The entry wound
A time tunnel cave
A trillion blue moons
An explosion in space
An access point
Begins with this chord
Rock this joint

This is the opening
To the mine of the heart
This is the space twist
The joker’s card
An explosion in space
An access point
Begins with this chord
Rock this joint

The world opens up
You leave the main way
There’s plenty of living
You’ll have a great day
An explosion in space
An access point
Begins with this chord
Rock this joint

Room 601 is leaving

Room 601 is leaving
He’ll soon be on his way
He’s going to catch his flight back home
Sometime later today

Room 601 is packing up
The things inside his mind
The odds and ends of undone things
That never can be tied

A silent flight inside his heart
As she vanishes from the room
A dream unfinished in his head
Is like a broken loom

Again he’ll wait at terminals
Looking at the time
While the world around him
Is shaking off the wine


And one more time he’ll cross the sky
Looking where to land
Looking for the home lost in the sands of time

A man-made day

There’s a man-made day
It’s a layer over the truth
It’s as deep as the grave
With fire for a roof

It slots in nicely
Between two trees
Its water is blood
Its mouth is made of cheese

There’s a man-made day
As false as plastic
As unique as
False teeth
Made to be fantastic

It’s a car park graveyard
For a forgotten king
It’s a satellite photo
Of a mass slaughtering
And everyone alive
Passes through

Well you need a bridge of gold
You need a bridge of love
To get over it
To avoid the demented day
Of mankind’s making

There’s a man-made day
Like a vacuum in a tin
They open up the lid
To see what’s caught within

Lady caterpillar man
With six legs and a beak
She used to work in the betting shop
Because she was a freak

She’s looking for the ladder
To fly up to the cloud
There she changes colour
There she’ll be very loud

man-made day
In the year

Well someone says
There are many ways
To be trapped
In a man-made day

All the water is taken by the city

Like water
Under a tree
In the desert
There’s never
To be free

It seems
All the water
Is drained away
To feed
The hungry

The birds
They fly
To the rooftops
The lizards
Crawl there

There’s never
Enough water
In the desert
I’m the only tree
That grows here too

Well how
Can you expect me
To flower?
How can you expect me
To bear fruit?
When all the waters
Taken by the city
All the water’s
Taken from my roots

The desert is thirsty
For water
The sun shakes a finger
And says no

All the water’s taken
By the city
And I
I have nowhere else to go