An epidemic of the blues

In this grand utopia, the posse rides through heaven
Guided by mission control way above the weather
Flying fish and flying bombs and mermaids in the gutter
Running from the tide of war without their bread and butter

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

Down in deepest Darlington
I met my old belief
She was standing by a drain
Trying to get relief
Do you have to live this way?
I hoped that I could help
But the last thing that she wanted was
To be her better self

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

Walking through the market square
The gypsy Romanian fell
She hadn’t had a bit to eat
There was nothing in the well
People just ignored her when
She seemed to grit her teeth
And calling down a curse or two
So we all could feel her grief

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

Now walking in the garden
I saw an ugly ghost
And everyone it breathed upon
Soon began to croak
And laughing like a demon
Its work was easily done
For people had stopped believing
And had taken up the gun

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

There was a man named Baptist John
Who lived in Bethnal Green
And with his broken placard board
He broke into your dream
Why are you following now
Into a cul-de-sac
And even the politician feels
Things are looking black

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

As the coast guard boat was sailing
It came across a child
Swimming across the ocean
It was getting wild
If I go back to my country
I’m sure to be killed
Take me to your leader
I’ll now be self-willed
There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

I saw a man of papers
He said let’s all do right
Follow the instructions
It will surely save your life
The protesters soon had gathered
They wanted right of way
Give us our night or else
We’ll take away your day

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

They called for law and order
But just what does that mean
They ate it like spaghetti
Like pond weed in a stream
It’s back to the beginning
If you remember when
Right was right and wrong was how
And there is no golden cow

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

Someone saw a murder
Well isn’t that a shame
Called for an ambulance
To take away the blame
The academic right of way
Kept arguing all the time
That’s the way the world is
A magnet for the crime


Stock, stock, stock, stock, Stockholm
The trolls are lost and drowned
Please don’t break, let’s isolate
The dolphin from the clown

It happened in the summer
When the snowmen had retired
She came to talk of firebirds
And of how she was inspired

It was in those days when Jesus saves
And the preacher’s warm embrace
Before the door of freedom law
Had melted din disgrace

We talked on the balcony
As the ships sailed by
Her love of God and spare the rod
Really made me cry

I thought of the time I’d wasted
Running from the past
She said you’d better laugh for once
And let the trouble pass

I walked back on the railway track
I saw mountains capped with snow
I wondered why my alibi
Was laughing like a crow

If I continue with this life
I’ll never see again
The birds that are migrating
Or become her loyal swain

Solstice Party


Song: All the bright places

Oh, baby, you set fire to the sky
Oh, there’s no reason, to tell me why
Oh, baby, you outshine the sun
Baby, yes, you’re the only one

Oh, Jennifer, I love you, yes I do
And I’ll never leave you, oh no
Oh, Jennifer, I love you, baby, I do
And I’m never gonna grieve you

I got on the ferry again today
I wondered where am I gonna stay 2x

The light was warm
The sky was on fire
You’re the only one
Who can take me higher

All the bright places babe
Are inside your heart
Yes all the bright places
Are inside your heart

You are my blues


man stoneageShe treats me Like a common man
Indeed that’s what I am
But I love you, yes I do
I am your earth, you are my blues

You treat me like I am your slave
You work on me till I’m in my grave
But I love you, yes I do
I am your earth, you are my blues

You didn’t find me, I found you
You walked the streets in worn-out shoes
But I love you, yes I do
I am your earth, you are my blues

Julie New Age

Judy new age

Katie New Age
Got what she needs
Long gypsy dress
Some coloured beads

She’s got a boyfriend
He lives by the track
They both ran away
They won’t be back

They call him the Haywain – (hey Wayne)
He has a living wage
He loves her like no other
His Katie new age

Old age, new age
What’s it matter
So long as you got love down
On a platter


Songs for a cavalier girl

cavalier girl

My mind is confused and I don’t know what to say
Will I ever be able to find a way to convince you
Those times and places gone, I cannot bring them back
How can I make their ghosts appear before you

The memory is slipping from my hands
I watch as their deaths destroy them
So much has been forgotten yet you need to see their ghosts
To tell you of the things dead and rotten

You analyse the body but you forget the soul
The graveyard of the past is now is very cold
New things were growing but as you light the fire
All my hopes are burning from the apse to the spire


What’s happening now?
Is rock and roll just another poor man’s cow
In the boiling pan
From out of the calm the bubbles began

This is the spirit of the age
You work hard
You play hard
When you’re on the last page

What’s coming down?
People just like locusts are covering the town
Here comes the rain
There’s too much water, not enough in the drain

The little girl stands up and took the leaders on
You know who I mean, don’t you
You know what’s going wrong

There’s a rumbling in the land
Something always spoils your plans

You may not have this word in your language
But you start to speak it out maybe with a shout

It’s the spirit of the age
It’s written on the page you can’t erase it

The spirit of the age is getting in a rage
You’re amazed by it

As you walk down the street
There are all the lonely people
You’d ever wish to meet
What’s your plan?
This seems the worst time since time began


It’s consumerable, it’s a selling point
It’s puberty
You can buy it, you can sell it
It’s your nudity
It’s your hair, it’s your heart
It’s your crudity
It’s consumerable, it’s a selling point
It’s puberty

Selling matchstick maidens in ques for funny masks
Falling into potholes where the serpents bask
It came to you like first light like a needle in the arm
There’s now an institution that’s there to keep you calm
Burning your school satchel and drinking all you can
Looking for a straw of truth in the bales of man

It’s a song if you want it

It’s a song if you want it
Just add some chords and start to sing it
You can bash it, you can thrash it
You can even go and crash it

It’s a song if you like it
You just pretend it, do not fight it
You can rock it, you can rap it
You can even try and crack it

It’s a song like any other
In the graveyards of Picardie
It’s a song that needs a lover
It’s like a flower for a bee

It’s a song if you believe it
Just say it for the sky
It’s a song you can retrieve it
It makes you laugh it makes you cry

Who’s your best girl

There was Sara in the woodland
There was Susan on the beach
There was zeta in the churchyard
That none could ever reach

There was Mary in the market
There was Maisie with the curls
But have you ever asked yourself
Who’s your best girl?

There are memories of moonlight
There are sequences of stars
There are moments in the classroom
There are instants in the bars
There was Pamela, there was Paula
How they got you in a swirl
But have you ever asked yourself
Who’s your best girl?

She is funny, she’s amazing
She’s a gold carp in a pond
You should try to catch her
Maybe she’ll respond

Song: She called it so called love

She called it so-called love
She called it love so-called
In disappointment plain
She didn’t seem enthralled
And no one seemed to understand
The anger deep inside
She was hoping for their love
Instead she got their lies

She called it so-called love
So-called it was said
The way she placed her trust in them
And now her trust was dead
They all held hands together
They danced the circle dance
This made a good impression
But it was only happenstance

She called it so-called love
But it was a shallow heart
That people hold together
Yet easily break apart
She hoped for nothing more or less
Than love and security
But came the time to speak as one
The pod was full of me’s

Don’t be afraid
If love falls out with love
Please be strong and
Please be true to love

A PDF  music sheet of the music and words to this song

She called it so-called love