Popular Chinese Pop Song

There was a super great documentary once on TV called something like Wan Lee and his daughters. It was about a traditional Chinese folk singer. It was his families job throughout their generations to continue the folk music of his people somewhere in the North West of China. But it was traditional for his sons to do so and he had sons only daughters, the documentary showed his anguish as the thought of his traditional music dieing out because his daughters weren’t interested in continuing the traditions and learning the songs. I sometimes try a search for this doc. but it has vanished it seems, but one of the most memorable moments on Tv and a pleasure to have seen.

Mi Sol y Todas Mis Estrellas

You’re my sun my moon and all my stars
You’re all I need to fill my heart
You’re my Indra, Devi, my Avatar
You’re my land, my sea, my counterpart

Mi Sol y Todas Mis Estrellas
Mi sol y todas, mis estrellas

Audio and PDF

Song: Look Around You

Look around you, look around you
Do you see the space around you?
Look beneath you, look beneath you
Do you know what’s really beneath you?
Look above you, look above you
Do you know there’s nothing above you?

And your family are gone
And you have no Dad or Mom
And you wonder what went wrong
With your love

And your nerves – snap
Like branches of a tree
And your heart collapse
Never to be free

Walking home in the night
With the glow of twilight
It make you want to know?
What goes on?

Going to sleep
You could sleep for a week
And wake up not knowing



Song: Patch me up or put me down

Patch me up or put me down
Girl, you have to choose
I can’t run another mile
Yes, I have a lot to lose

Patch me up or put me down
Oh, do what you must do
Now my life is in your hands
And now I belong to you

Patch me up or put me down
Take me to the vet down in town
I promise you I won’t make a sound
If you have to, have to put me down

Patch me up or put me down
It’s time, you must decide
Patch me up, I’ll be true to you
I will say always at your side

I will stay by your side

I was in your backyard
I was a common stray
But I fell in love with you
I hung around all day

You found me on a riny night
Howling at the moon
You took me in and fed me
And I fell in love with you

I’ve been down with some broken bones
But my broken heart won’t quit
If I get back to my feet
I’ll be your man
At your feet I’ll sit

Whatever you do
Will make me feel like crying
Whatever you do
will make me feel like crying


Song: From the bosom of your mind

From the bosom of your mind to the January snow
The phoenix rises crying, hoping for a tow
I look back down the centuries at the border control
To comic pages black & white and bookworms in the soul


From the bosom of your mind
My love in those days was so very few
I have an eye, this very eye
That keeps focused on the clue

On the clue in the bosom of your mind

From the bosom of your mind to the servants door
The rebellion is gathering for the latest war
I am just a servant urging liberty
Who cannot change the minds of what people think of me?

In the bosom of your mind to the rivers of flame
A wild soul arises, a soul without a name
All the servant owns is left upon the stair
As she goes in search of a love somewhere.



The people of the West

The people of the West
They struggle and they strive
They watch the big container ships
Into the port, arrive

The people of the West
They build and they destroy
You seen their cities growing
Right up to the sky

The people of the West
They work hard all the day
To keep the wheels of progress
Moving down the way

And some are more important
Than others in the land
And some rise right up to the top
While others sleep in the sand

The people of the West
They live and die all day
They fight upon the battlefield
Without a reason why

The people of the West
They live a life so strange
They try to make it better
But nothing ever change

And some have business success
And some of them get beat
And many find no help at all
Without the mark of the beast

The people of the West
Consume more than they need
The deserts grow the ice it melts
As discontent it breed

The people of the West
They try to beat the drive
They try to climb to success
They try to win the prize

The people of the West
Turn to democracy
They put their trust in science
And that it sets them free

While the icecap melting
With the weathers change
The people of the west
Become the people of the strange

Song: Aunt Madge Said

She fears to die
It comes too soon
It makes her cry

Had she thought
The problem thru
And made her peace
That’s all you do

She brought up five
In a council home
Since they’ve gone
She been alone

Aunt Madge said
My Dad Joe
Did bad things
And no one knows

Aunt Madge said

Some of you
Alive today
Will not see death
Lord Jesus say

He’s a good man that Jesus

The world goes on
Care, don’t care
As if Aunt Madge
Wasn’t there

My Aunt Madge was very lonely
That was easy to tell
She had not really had a life
She had not lived that well

Of this I’m sure
She lived her life
Behind closed doors
As a council wife

Aunt Madge said
She fears to die
It comes too soon
It makes her cry

Oh, my aunt Madge
Oh, my poor aunt Madge


Aunt Madge Easton nee Aitken
Aunt Madge at the seaside in the 1960’s

First Verse of poem as saxophone melody

PDF of Ist verse as song

Aunt Madge Said

Puppet Love

I was just thinking, comparing music scenes I’ve seen like you do.

Firstly I was thinking of Eric Clapton and why he left the Yardbirds.

The Clapton line-up recorded two singles, the blues “I Wish You Would” and “Good Morning, School Girl”, before the band scored its first major hit with “For Your Love”, a Graham Gouldman composition with a prominent harpsichord part by Brian Auger. “For Your Love” hit the top of the charts in the UK and Canada and reached number six in the United States, but it displeased Clapton, a blues purist whose vision extended beyond three-minute singles. Frustrated by the commercial approach, he abruptly left the band on 25 March 1965, the day the single was released. (Wikipedia)

Well I must say “For your love” was such a great song at that time. Along with an absolute deluge of other songs as the decade itself progressed from dull post war 50’s to your journey is now terminating end of 70’s. Anyway

Because I was watching TVs 4Music channel – two of Canadas biggest stars (yawn) Drake the same as and The Weekend the same as, go head to head in a showdown (yawn). The same as.

Now here is where my comparison comes in please bear with me, as my best friend is always saying, the Eurovision Song contest in the 60’s was more exciting to watch than the pop music of today. So there.


Now I hate myself for making comparisons, I told myself I should never do comparisons on anyone even on differently marked pigeons, but the music industry of today is …