Recording: Ordinary People

So the first song was the main song and we spent more time on that. this second song was done in a bit of a rush because she had more musicians turning up so i hurried out.

Recording “track” made at Bassment studios of the my “Ordinary People” song

Recording “I want to heal you”

So I got to Mornington Station and went the wrong way well of course I would I always do. Unfamiliar places, easy to get lost. The studio was in the basement of a huge house, very nice and relaxed. And Felix made me a cup of tea with a marsh mallow and off we went.

This is a studio Recording of my song “I Want To Heal You”

Studio Time

Well today is a bit exciting because I am going into a studio to record some songs. Woke up this morning . . . First thing to do is feed Katy the cat of course.
I’ve been practising all week on the songs but still can’t remember the words to the songs in entirety, but maybe I can do them a verse at a time. I’m pretty terrified, it’s been ages since I’ve done anything musically with other people and I’ve never been in a studio before. My appointment is at 2.30 at the bassment studios run by Felix of Tigersonic, Bassment Studio, something. It seems to be one of the few studios allowed to be open during the epidemic. I’ll take my phone and try and get a few photos. Its been a long time to get to this stage in my songwriting, a long struggle. I’m hopeful and blasé at the same time. Katy the cat has just finished gorging on her cat food and is on her way out. I will do a follow up tonight.

Song: I’m living in prison England


Bm Am Em Am
I’m living in prison England – with my cat
The postman leaves the mail – on the mat
I’m stamped OHMS – in black
Feed me I’m a TV – in my flat

I’m living in prison England, – The sky is blue
I’m followed by a satellite – I have the flu
A tracker dog lays down – inside my pone
They like to think I’ll always – be alone
In prison England

I live in prison England – by degrees
I rot in prison England – like elm trees
The ocean and the sea – cage me in
I suppose I’m in real good – company

I live in prison England – in a scare
Masks are the most popular – thing to wear
The thruppenny bit portcullis – tells the truth
I’m limited to the things – I can do
In prison England

In our collective imaginations
Lies the fate of our nations
The anthem of the year sets in
We are our own victims

Choking on smoke from our own – air holes
Regardless of our own – immortal souls
Why not leave the car – in a jam
And go down to hell – with the man
In prison England

I live in prison England, – I have no psyche
They know they can shut me down – when they like
Who dares to open up – a box of lies?
There are no forks, there are – only knives
In prison England

The bull is growing fat – in this drought
The walls will explode – he’ll charge out
The clouds will turn red – in the fire
The wind will blow the weather vane – on the spire
Of prison England

Serve your time with me then maybe you’ll see
You can never get away; you will never be free
In prison England

Sibelius audio of music

PDF of song

Note: Song is in the beginning stage. On one hand the chords are repetitive and on the other hand maybe not.

Song: Lisa, don’t you ever let go

The longest smile
That I’ve ever seen
Belongs to the
Mona Lisa
She’s smiled nonstop
For centuries
It’s hard I think
To believe her

When I was born
She was smiling there
Just like the queen
Loving those who tickle her
Loving those who please her

There are two sides to a coin
A face a date and a pound
Lisa only has one side
And no crown

Lisa smiles for nothing
She smiles in a studio
There are seven worlds
Gone to their graves
But Lisa
Don’t you
Let go

This started out as a musical tune for a show maybe. I could picture Leonardo in his studio when Lisa turns up for her portrait. He becomes quite fond of her over the course of the sittings but then one day she never shows up and he never sees her again. Then things change in his own life and he leaves Italy for France taking the portrait with him. I like to think that it’s maybe a kind of love story.

Sibelius audio of music

Sibelus song as a PDF

Xerox Girls: X-Girlfriend

A short paragraph under tapes section in the “Totally Wired” fanzine got me curious about the Xerox Girls.

Noisy, gritty punkpop with a menacing voice above a self righteously messy backbone of tempered drums and tempest guitars. chugging riffs fuel abrasive noise –

pollution tunes that echo and clamber for currency.

A bit like blogging.

It takes your breath away.

Song: Like there’s no tomorrow

Eat up your food
Like there’s no to-mor-row
You’ve got to eat up your food

Momma says she might not
be here tomorrow
so you’ve got to eat up your food

It’s a common saying almost to eat up your food but my mother was always a bit fatalistic with it.

Song: Yolanda

I like the sound
Of the name

I hope this helps
To ease the pain

A Yolanda
Is a beautiful car
Its super fun
Where ever you are

You are Sweden’s Special
You are Sweden’s joy

I love the way you are
I believe you’ve made me cry

This is a traditional rock and roll song. I hope Yolanda doesn’t mind that I wrote it.

Sibelius mp3 of Yolanda

Sibelius PDF of Yolanda

Song: The Bosom of your mind, 3

A new version of this song

From the bosom of your mind
To the labyrinth of absinthe
To the tower of your ocean
And the apple on a plinth

The shadow of Apollo
With his handlebar moustache
With your marble head in profile
And the silk scarf that is slashed

As the army of the Lord
Goes rushing by
With their burning swords
They start to fly

In the bosom of your mind
Her mule was dressed in white
Her marble head in profile
In the salon of bright light

And walking down the aisle
She saw the best man cry
And hidden by the candlelight
Came his rivals cry

As the army of the Lord
Are rushing by
With their burning swords
They start to fly

In the bosom of your mind
In the genesis of clay
She found a wooden stethoscope
upon a spectral tray

While all along the waterfront
The invasion force were seen
Columns of smoke from burning towns
Twist slowly in the sky

As the army of the Lord
Goes rushing by
Brandishing their burning swords
They start to fly

Sibelius audio of music

Sibelius PDF of music

I don’t work for you anymore

door in a hallway

I don’t work for you
After that last day of work
I’ve closed my door
Send as many troops
As you like
I’ll die before I spend another night
Your rules
Your rules
Your rule mean nothing to me
Your rulers
Your rulers
Are shipwrecked in the sea
I’m trying to find the words
To say how I feel
About your nanny state
About how you deal
You’ve given me nothing
I drag my chains around
You’ve given me nothing
You’ve brought me down
So down
I don’t work for you anymore
Any more
I work for me