Learning new things

I don’t know how to put it. Anyway, years ago at a college doing a creative course i was able to buy student version of Adobe Illustrator which i fell in love with, then after leaving the course I could no longer use it because of the expense. So many years later of yearning for my own full version of illustrator along comes Serif’s Affinity Designer at only about 50 pounds which is affordable for me. So, I have become determined to learn it and it’s gradually getting better. Here is another illustration where I’m getting really into it but making lots of mistakes.

boulevard of mirrors_000290

A long time ago, (20 or more years I suppose), I used to get regular phone calls from Serif with offers on their creative software, Photo, DTP, illustration etc. which I loved because it was fun anyway, which the software of 2022 is definitely not, anymore. So, I was surprised to find their new stuff and how good it is.

Also, a new thing I have found out about is Surrealism. I’ve gone mad for books about it, and have about 20 now, all second hand from Ebay sellers mind you. It’s just that I was lost in cubism and impressionism and the like and never thought much about surrealism. I find my study of I has helped my imagination, it has made me more confident about my imaginative ideas which I used to explore mainly in poetry.

The example above is amateurish I suppose and I know there are a lot of mistakes but I’m leaning and gradually getting more confident with it.

Hello and hi

I’ve had laptop trouble recently. I had a Lenovo idea pad that had a broken hinge and a row of broken keys. It got too much after a while, trying to correct everything was a nightmare and I left off blogging for a while. Now I have this new Lenovo Yoga 260, touchscreen. And I’m beginning to return to normal. I have a back log of poetry to type up. Best regards to all bloggers everywhere.