Montague Place, Poplar

10 Montague Place All Saints church)9 Montague Place Hidden House9 Montague Place Hidden Hose sculptured head9 Montague Place Green figs9 Montague Place hidden house behind trees8 Montague Place Hidden House7 Montague Place church from newby street6 Montague Place Iron rose5 Montague Place Blossom4 Montague Place Old Cross)4 Montague Place Buried grave4 Montague Place celtic cross3 Montague Place Faded church clock2 Montague Place - All Saints Church1 Montague Place - Strangley Scarred Tree

London has gone through so many changes, that almost from one street to another there is a difference in place with a different history to everything else, the area around All Saints church is seems to be “a world apart” from all the other “worlds apart” in London’s East End. I mean, the East End of London is generally considered to be the poorer part of the city, but here you find a different story of an older time of affluent people trying to make a statement. The stone crosses in the church yard, the house over the street hidden in greenery, the posh name, “Montague Place”. There’s a sort of peaceful feeling to it, just over the main road you get the rough and tumble world of ordinary people in blocks of flats.

Trip to Hadleigh Castle, Essex

Castle Road


Hadleigh Castle




Hadleigh was begun in about 1215 by Hubert de Burgh, but extensively refortified by Edward III during the Hundred Years War, becoming a favourite residence of the ageing king.

The barbican and two striking drum towers – one later used by Georgian revenue men looking out for smugglers – are part of Edward’s substantial building works during the 1360s.

Today the romantic ruins of this royal castle look out over the Essex marshes.

The washing-up day

the washing up

Here is the little man who does the washing-up.

I woke up this morning, to see him drowning in the soap suds.

Do you admire the new draining board drainer.

It’s a miracle of design the way it fits on the draining board

I like the different configurations of pots and pans and plates and spoons you can get into it

anyway, may I wish you all a happy washing up day

The DLR line

A journey on the DLR line from Poplar going east. It was a summery day and i tried to record the development going on along this stretch of the railway. Years and years ago Canary Wharf was built near me, since then it has been growing and growing. Canary Wharf Tower has the big corporations taking over the floors inside.

When it was being built i worked for a year in the canteen inside canary wharf tower when someone dropped a girder. As it fell clanging down the tower every one in the canteen raced for the door convinced it was going to land on top of them. Then it thankfully bounced off of a fixed girder away from the canteen and every one calmed down.

0327 leaving canary wharf0332 leaving blackwall0334 apartment blocks0336 a glimpse of the dome0340 leaving east india dock station0341 millenium dome and creek0345 apartment blocks and creek0346 covered bridge0356 pylon by track0357 red apartment block0362 unused land0363 factory and brown shed0364 view of dome from eastside0365 land clearing0366 cable cars0332 leaving blackwall

Sat in Vesuvius

Sat in Versuvio
On the bank of the river
I’ve never seen you so inward
I’ve never seen you so disabled

Like a plaster cast drowned in pumice
Like a face in the past in a photo of the past
Unreachable in the celluloid of yourself
I could snip out a mouth from the frame
And hope to hear words

I was in limbo
It was punishment for another’s crimes
But you maybe loved me
And could not deliver the right words
Or so it seemed

You will avoid me like a hole in the road
I will fill it up and you will dig it out
Just to avoid me again
Is the terror of a fear I have

I see visions of us together
In a better life
You bear the ruckus of your past
The rumble of a tombstone

Versuvio is an Italian restaurant in Limehouse, in Three Colt Street I think. Near the River Thames; quite an Italian area with many Italians to be heard singing from the windows of apartments. It quite makes me humble. I have fear of rejection syndrome even when the situation is fairly stable I can feel dire and the exuberant singing Italians don’t help 🙂

Media Control by Naom Chomsky

in Media Control by Noam Chomsky, in his intro to is little book, he counter poses two views of democracy, 1: that democracy has the public participate in its own affairs with free information, and 2: that they are barred from doing so with controlled information. He argues that it is the latter that prevails in our society. What do you think?

Counter poses means set in opposition to.

Media Control the spectacular achievements of propaganda. 2nd edition pub by seven stories press.

The population growth

When I wake up in the morning and at about 8-9 a.m. a terrific clanging, crashing and banging starts up from the nearby building site. I go out to the supermarket and it’s hard to get away from so many people. Every ten yards there’s another person representing another kind of lifestyle, from another kind of life. Bewilderment is a way of life. Here comes another tube train with hundreds of people, another bus with a dozens more people, another honking traffic jam. On the news a report of a car crash killing two people. How did they find that event statistically, in a London population of millions. And me, am I just a grape in a huge vineyard of the world, do I even matter? That’s a difficult question. Here are a few charts I have downloaded about population growth.

This is the population of London the top one shows the increase in numbers and the bottom one shows it as percentage, with the red line a decrease percentage and the green line as the growth percentage. When I moved to London in about 1979 population had been on the decrease and I well remember how quiet it was then.

So here is a map of European populations. The names of countries are in that countries language, I think it is only in England that a countries name is changed e.g. we call Deutschland Germany for some reason I don’t understand. Germany I mean Deutschland has the highest population which, I don’t know why, but it surprised me.

Lastly I found a simple world population chart. Notably going back to 10,000 BC – well who remembers that?

The answer to “Do I matter? (Do I put the question mark inside or outside the quotation marks, I always forget)” God willing, I do.

What do you think about all this?

you challenge the world

you challenge people to look at the world differently and this is what they do!

I often read this the nice statement in art books. this is an area of London with disused warehouses that at one point attracted a lot of artists.

now it has become a newer secondary financial and commercial area to the city of London.

like the religion that goes to a poor country to teach about Christ is often only the spearhead of an army. which a study of general history will show.

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