The Amygdala

I saw a great documentary on TV about sleep (Mysteries of sleep by PBS America) which stuck with me and made me want to watch it again. One part explained how the amygdalla stores information or files during the day and then during the night as you sleep gives the files to a central part of the brain for dispersion and so freeing the amygala again for the next day. I

Pigeon Watch

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but such is the effect of pollution and the extinction of species and my general paranoia about it (we lost the blackbirds and sparrows 5 years or more ago, the cockney sparrows even). But I’ve got used to seeing a dozen or more pigeons on the rooftop opposite, seemingly smiling at me as if sharing a joke amongst themselves at my expense. But today there’s only one or two. Yesterday and the last few days, yes it was a heatwave and they might have been sheltering from the heat somewhere, but there were just a few pigeons.

This week we visited two restaurants and sat outside and where there are crumbs there are pigeons wobbling about under the seats, but both times not a single one even in a park. Is that strange or am I a paranoid like I said, seeing extinction everywhere. All I can say is pigeons come home now, a joke is a joke but this isn’t funny.

Landscape mystery

The landscape in the film Rogue Warfare 3 2020 Netflix film is supposed to be in the middle east but the best I can do to identify it is either Death Valle, Armenia or maybe after all the Negev. Anyway in the opening of the film when you see those fantastic mountains in shadow it looks so weird and wonderful. I thought they were baked hard sand dunes or squashed up and shaped by the wind or dug out by glaciers or …