Love Falls Silent

Love falls silent
Like an autumn leaf
The two oak trees
Drain the skies
Bruised with light

Purples and ochre’s
Drown the earth
Writhing in agony
The cobwebbed spirit
In the thin broken wine glass
Tasting the autumn wind

Love, inside out
Nothing to say
The dew of the morning
Whitening the grass
The fallen, fading acorns
Form the substance of words

That cries out, that cry out
Against the doors of death
Where autumn leaves sweep through
Dragging the pain in the heart
Into the dark hall of night

A loser’s love vanishes now
An unspoken word perishes
A word fought for endlessly
The glowing embers of winter fires
The ashes of the night
Sleeping by the window
The splatter of rain unheard
The howl of the wind
Cold against the indifferent skin

Wake up, wake up, its morning
Go down into the cold rooms
Draw the curtains
Still, the stars shine out there
Where the old shed decays
Unable to endure any more

A Company of starlings appear
Manoeuvring across the lawn
Pecking at the little things, the worms
Take them – take them all
As a few yolk-yellow flowers
Lie broken on the borders


Song: Lisa, don’t you ever let go

The longest smile
That I’ve ever seen
Belongs to the
Mona Lisa
She’s smiled nonstop
For centuries
It’s hard I think
To believe her

When I was born
She was smiling there
Just like the queen
Loving those who tickle her
Loving those who please her

There are two sides to a coin
A face a date and a pound
Lisa only has one side
And no crown

Lisa smiles for nothing
She smiles in a studio
There are seven worlds
Gone to their graves
But Lisa
Don’t you
Let go

This started out as a musical tune for a show maybe. I could picture Leonardo in his studio when Lisa turns up for her portrait. He becomes quite fond of her over the course of the sittings but then one day she never shows up and he never sees her again. Then things change in his own life and he leaves Italy for France taking the portrait with him. I like to think that it’s maybe a kind of love story.

Sibelius audio of music

Sibelus song as a PDF

Xerox Girls: X-Girlfriend

A short paragraph under tapes section in the “Totally Wired” fanzine got me curious about the Xerox Girls.

Noisy, gritty punkpop with a menacing voice above a self righteously messy backbone of tempered drums and tempest guitars. chugging riffs fuel abrasive noise –

pollution tunes that echo and clamber for currency.

A bit like blogging.

It takes your breath away.

Armistice Day poems

Now you talk about
A special relationship
Now you talk about
A trade deal

The little god
Talks to the big god
Across their offices
Wit transatlantic zeal

Don’t trade me off
Like I’m a statistic

Well I see the poor
On both sides of the pond
Are you gods
Can you wave your magic wands?

You do the pushing
And someone else pushes back

That’s what it amounts to
On a human level

And what does it lead to
Another level of hell


My heart
The dark Teutonic forest
When it’s dark
The wild shadows
Take over
In dreams

While the quiet little creatures
Huddle under fallen leaves
Waiting for the sun
To brush away the tree tops
And scoop them up
With a friendly smile

It must be in the cosmology these days
This darkness
That lasts like an arctic winter
And saying that it takes months
To remove the boulder
From the Troll’s tomb
This could be the perfect
Epoch for it


It is one of those days
That everyone seems cut off from each other

As if a great being
Was re-cutting the cloth
Wiping the chalkboard

A complaint arises
Its universal
Who will stop the rain

One lady
Who considers herself a gossip
Stops gossiping as if
She were locked in a cell
A man
A very garrulous man
Finds himself lost
As if blindfolded

Graffiti appears
Upon every wall in the city
Who will stop the rain

It does no good to be friendly
It does no good to be the partygoer
You will feel like the mice
Chased by a hatchet

The universe itself
Is being wielded like a discus
By an angry hand
And we can all feel it

And we spend a moment or two
Staring at the sky and wondering
Who can stop the rain


The shadow of foreboding
Falls first
Then there’s complete darkness
As the leash is detached
And the two dogs start fighting

Even though the sun is shining
The commands are dark
There’s no thought of life
Love is put away with the excuse
They must protect their homes
And then they start
To destroy them

The light is not sunlight
It’s what was the human spirit
In times of calamity
It forgets to keep the light shining

Song: Like there’s no tomorrow

Eat up your food
Like there’s no to-mor-row
You’ve got to eat up your food

Momma says she might not
be here tomorrow
so you’ve got to eat up your food

It’s a common saying almost to eat up your food but my mother was always a bit fatalistic with it.

Song: Yolanda

I like the sound
Of the name

I hope this helps
To ease the pain

A Yolanda
Is a beautiful car
Its super fun
Where ever you are

You are Sweden’s Special
You are Sweden’s joy

I love the way you are
I believe you’ve made me cry

This is a traditional rock and roll song. I hope Yolanda doesn’t mind that I wrote it.

Sibelius mp3 of Yolanda

Sibelius PDF of Yolanda

Song: The Bosom of your mind, 3

A new version of this song

From the bosom of your mind
To the labyrinth of absinthe
To the tower of your ocean
And the apple on a plinth

The shadow of Apollo
With his handlebar moustache
With your marble head in profile
And the silk scarf that is slashed

As the army of the Lord
Goes rushing by
With their burning swords
They start to fly

In the bosom of your mind
Her mule was dressed in white
Her marble head in profile
In the salon of bright light

And walking down the aisle
She saw the best man cry
And hidden by the candlelight
Came his rivals cry

As the army of the Lord
Are rushing by
With their burning swords
They start to fly

In the bosom of your mind
In the genesis of clay
She found a wooden stethoscope
upon a spectral tray

While all along the waterfront
The invasion force were seen
Columns of smoke from burning towns
Twist slowly in the sky

As the army of the Lord
Goes rushing by
Brandishing their burning swords
They start to fly

Sibelius audio of music

Sibelius PDF of music

The movement

The movement
Of little men
In a presidential election
Across the great surface of the earth

Is out of proportion
To the Tsunami of their noise
That travels around the globe

As ants go about their work
Does it not give them a collective headache

And no one would want
To upset the ants
Who are a great army

As for the locusts
Who fly against the direction of the noise
Might not they follow it all the way
And descend
In their millions
Upon the noisemakers

Sounds, as thick as weather

Sounds, as thick as weather
As dense as pigments

Green thunder
Blue lightning
Grey wind
Red heat
Black storm-clouds

As soon as the phone rings
I am struck by blue lightning
As soon as the door is knocked upon
I am engulfed in black storm-clouds

A catfight
Hits me with a grey hurricane wind
A car-horn outside
Warms me up with red heat

The wrong program on TV
Pummels my head with green thunder


Why’d you make Ringo
Why’d you make Ringo

Why’d you leave him
For another
Why’d you treat him
So bad

Without him dear
Where would you be?
Without him
You’d be lost at sea

Ringo played his cards
And he came up trumps
Ringo did housekeeping
When you were
In the dumps

Without him dear
You’d still be wearing pumps
Without him
Where would you be?

Flying in a plane
Without wings
Flying like a bird
Across the sea