I find myself looking into your fortress

I find myself looking into your fortress
As if it were my future too – as things stand
I can’t see any hope for you

– I know, I know what you wish for in your heart
But you have no key to open the door
The world is in fast mode and won’t wait
And nights are designed like steps going gently down

If you want to believe in something
You must, you must go back to the beginning
And fight your way back into the Alamo

Following behind

Following behind, through dusty industrial houses
Walking tiredly in the collapsing sunset’s fire
The vanguard, so forgotten by the laughing worldly crowds

Someone is playing the official
The leader of the free world

The tallest tree attracts the lightning
Saturn devours his children,
The father destroys his own
The leader destroys his followers

Who’s standing there

Who’s standing there?
between me and you
It’s no one
it’s just the wind

It’s just a shadow
It’s just a dragon
in a wedding gown

It’s just the failing roof slates
from a collapsing home
It’s just the ghost of my feet
lost, not knowing where to go

It’s only a bear sitting on the chimney pot
crushing the fire in the grate
It’s the man I’m to be
in a sea of sorrow
It’s how I’ve been made
unwanted, like a tax bill
It’s the weight of nonsense
tumbling out into the darkness like a ton of iron

Now that I know what it is
– it’s a dot matrix printer
That came to my home
on the Beagle of the digital age
like a strange un-named bird

Iron Lady

Modern life is an iron lady wrapped around my waist
I can not breath
Modern life is an iron lady wrapped around my waist
I Can not move.

The iron lady is a robot that never sleeps
Building its slaves in the night
They wrap her around you as you grow
To make sure you never reach – the light.

Hidden away on the shooting range
are the shadows of my past;
nameless loves and failures
–  wounded soldiers to the last.

I crawl across the no man’s land
To find a stolen face
when the sound of broken mirrors
reveals an identity, without a trace.

Hidden away on the training ground
of my future, and of my past
Embers of volcanoes
broken hearts bleed fast.

And even in this dawn of time
of someone else’s dreams
the shooting never stops
across the red moon-beams.

Modern life is an iron lady
wrapped around my waist
I dream of all my loves
but they tell of all my hates.

Modern life is an iron lady
Seeing, her function now denied
clinging with her modern life
to my side.

Nothing on TV

Nothing on TV except the experts
and the experts are all young
they have middle-class accents
and wear American curls.

Someone turned off the TV
And replaced it with a dollar sign
Someone turned my heart off
And replaced it with an empty time.

Nothing on TV except the experts
Born from laboratory tests
Hatched from little eggs on heaters
And bred to handle TV guests.

Someone pulled the curtains on the TV!
The box is as dark as can be
It’s left a big hole in my life now
The nights are lonely and empty.

Nothing on the TV except the experts
In their mechanical hands, they hold the scripts
Made of digital black treacle
Made of fragile government manuscripts.

The night befalls me like an ancient cave
Full of silence and dark light
I dip my fingers in the paint
And paint them in yellows, reds and whites.

Love is a motorway

Love is a motorway
You can switch lanes
Except on a Friday night
When everything comes to a standstill

Many people

Many people
Sacrifice their best gifts just to survive
They become shadows amongst the millions of stars
Crying for justice

The mad media

The mad media reveals the whereabouts
of the man in hiding and his new identity
the location of the army and what the spies will do next
how the police will tackle the crime wave
and what the celebrity did on holiday

It takes two to break a promise

It takes two to break a promise
But only one to love you

One holds up the promise to the stars
The other dropkicks it

The promise is not broken, but love is
Stuffed up a chimney with its throat cut

It takes two to make a promise
But only one to fall in love

One holds up this love to the full moon
The other claws it drawing blood

Out of the beautiful shiny silver surface
It begins to drip onto Golgotha becoming a flood