I am a Whale

I am a whale
I’ve swallowed so much plastic
I regurgitate it all
it’s a big yellow stain
floating in the ocean
Big ships sail through it
the sick slime melts their hulls
they sink to the bottom of the ocean

I’m a whale now
looking for clean water
Searching across the ocean
I swim ever so fast
Ever so faster I swim
I swim so super fast
I am like a runaway train
travelling through the ocean
heading for San Francisco

I am a whale now
with a belly full of plastic
in my death throws
I run aground
I discharge a mountain of plastic
all over your beautiful beach

I am a dying whale
with plastic in my brain
my eyes are turning red
I feel so much pain
I am in so much pain







She loves to make animations

She loves to make animations
Of little things that move about
She is their dotting mother
And they will never be without

The dark Thames floods her heart
With its inky black night
And drowns her little children
Their happiness, her spell of light

For somewhere beneath her tower
A gateway openly calls
To the ravens of the dark side
To invade her walls

She’ll describe her little creations
As moving creatures of light
Then the darkness intervenes
And they become the prey of night

From a proud and smiling mother
Into a furious mournful maid
The mortality of life is found
In the animations she made

Chapters torn apart and scattered

Chapters torn apart and scattered
Through the land of time
I want to avoid them completely
In case of dying

Love leaves – fall in the wind
I follow at a funeral pace
Wishing the wind would turn around
And blow them in my face

The clock face of love, unwound
The steps of time go up, then go down

Room 601 is leaving

Room 601 is leaving
He’ll soon be on his way
He’s going to catch his flight back home
Sometime later today

Room 601 is packing up
The things inside his mind
The odds and ends of undone things
That never can be tied

A silent flight inside his heart
As she vanishes from the room
A dream unfinished in his head
Is like a broken loom

Again he’ll wait at terminals
Looking at the time
While the world around him
Is shaking off the wine


And one more time he’ll cross the sky
Looking where to land
Looking for the home lost in the sands of time

Every second of every minute

Every second of every minute of every hour of every day
I tried to make you

Every day of every week of every month of every year
I worked to set you

Though I tied so hard
you made my heart bleed
Looking at me from your songbird eyes
in the cage of my heart

They Send You Back to the Beginning

They send you back to the beginning
with tears in your eyes
making you try harder,
to get it right.

Alone you feel the mountains
of the spirit at your shoulder
and in the heavy darkness
you start to rise

They send you back to the beginning
because you didn’t do it right
they hurt you and make you terrified
So you start again lonelier
then you ever felt before
so vulnerable
with nowhere you can hide

Alone you feel the mountains
of the spirit at your shoulder
alone you feel the strength
when the world feels colder
and in the darkness
you begin to rise a little
and in that lonely darkness
you start to rise

They send you back to the beginning
you’ll have to get it right
you try
but it doesn’t work out
you’ll face them alone
with their weapons in their desks
and you don’t understand
what it’s all about

A man-made day

There’s a man-made day
It’s a layer over the truth
It’s as deep as the grave
With fire for a roof

It slots in nicely
Between two trees
Its water is blood
Its mouth is made of cheese

There’s a man-made day
As false as plastic
As unique as
False teeth
Made to be fantastic

It’s a car park graveyard
For a forgotten king
It’s a satellite photo
Of a mass slaughtering
And everyone alive
Passes through

Well you need a bridge of gold
You need a bridge of love
To get over it
To avoid the demented day
Of mankind’s making

There’s a man-made day
Like a vacuum in a tin
They open up the lid
To see what’s caught within

Lady caterpillar man
With six legs and a beak
She used to work in the betting shop
Because she was a freak

She’s looking for the ladder
To fly up to the cloud
There she changes colour
There she’ll be very loud

man-made day
In the year

Well someone says
There are many ways
To be trapped
In a man-made day