In America when the walls

In America when the walls came tumbling down
Not as visible as the Berlin Wall
Walls made of the void between high and low
Like how roads divide a city
Roads can be walls
A road between old council buildings and new apartments
A road can become a boundary in the minds of people

In America the walls
Built so high
Fell down
Like a symbolic, invisible
Wall of Jericho
During a symbolic, cultural, social earthquake in society
When people were fighting for more freedom
From what lived within the walls
Jericho was a fort that controlled the territory
It was a ruling class, a class system, a system of ruler ship

In America, when the walls came tumbling down
What did people hope to see?
A man in the bath
Lovers in bed
A fatherly figure stepping forward to shake their hands
Like a mould
The walls fell away from the city
To reveal a worm embedded, wood lice-ridden, ant-infested
Divided political system
So huge, so massive
That the ordinary people
Wanted the walls rebuilt


Inspired a little by Joan Didion, The White Album, published 1979, chapter 1