I try to get close to you
I’m standing in a glade
Sometimes the light falls
Sometimes it rains
I reach out for your love
My hand gets a smack
So I stay here till revelation
Goes from white to black

I’m standing on a plateau
And the jungle surrounds one
How did I get up here?
Is this a state of freedom?
My mind is a raincloud
There’s much to feel sad for
So I’ll stay here till the revelation
Charges through the church door

Sometimes I admit it
I am made of stone
Maybe that’s the reason
I always feel alone
I’m a constant explorer
Of the heart in the head
So I’m waiting for the revelation
To bring back all the dead

I was sure that I loved you
But now I’m in doubt
What’s love without you?
What is love about?
I visited the congregation
Upon a warlike horse
But dreaming of the revelation
I always lose my course

My sorry eyes are empty
Exhaustion’s a wall
It’s been built by all sides
In the battles of the war
I reach out again to you
But you run around your cage
So I’m waiting for the revelation
To come and stop this rage

Ladybird, Ladybird, Fly Away Home

In October the days were shorter;
By November the days were colder too.
Ladybird decided she didn’t like it outdoors
So in through the backdoor she flew.

Indoors, was a little warmer,
But there were no aphids to eat.
She foraged and to her amazement she found
Creepy creatures to serve her as meat.

She slept under a cheese plant.
She made friends with the tenant inside,
Who liked her to walk on his fingers,
While he separated her spots from her eyes.

But the tenant got ambitious,
He said if you want to stay here,
I’ll put your name on the rent book,
At this, she shed a sad tear.

If you don’t sign a tenancy agreement,
Or help me pay half the bills,
You’ll be turfed out into the garden
Where you’ll probably die from the chills.

“But how can I get the money”
The ladybird wailed in angst,
“The last time I tried for a bank loan,
I was whacked by a cashier in the bank”.

So the tenant opened the backdoor,
Such a mean old tenant was he,
“Out you go now, don’t argue,
Go and sleep under the tree”.

She knew in the cold air she’d perish
And the idea to her seemed dire,
The only way to keep warm outside
Was to set the house on fire.

She whispered to the pigeons,
They all seemed to like the idea,
To drop their old nests down the chimney,
To roll burning from the fireplace clear.

Onto the carpets rolled the burning nests
The living room soon set alight.
The tenant panicked in terror
And fled out into the night.

The whole house soon went up in flames
And the ladybird got warm again.
Then into winter the ladybird flew alone
Without an invite for her to fly away home