The cats were doing the cha-cha

I woke up this morning
And I looked out into the street
The cats were doing the cha-cha
They’d found their dancing feet

Le chat
Le chat

I came home in the evening
And I stepped into the yard
There were spot lights in the trees
And music from the stars

The cats were doing the cha-cha
Le chat
The cats were into the cha-cha
Les chats

The dream cat and the red eyed mice

Cat lies down on the soft white quilt
That becomes a dream

And in that dreams white clouds
She sees battalions of tom cats

Ready to march on the highest cloud
Like little wooden soldiers with their rifles

On the shoulders
And their tall black hats on their heads

Anchored to the tall white cloud
A white ship filled with jewelry floats

Guarded by the red eyed mice
With lightning in their mouths

Now the battalion’s march
Across the blue sky singing a thunderous song

The red eyed mice throw lightnings
The tom cat soldiers begin to fall

Amongst them is the dream cat’s lover
He falls and breaks apart upon the ground

Dream cat goes over to him
She sniffs his broken body and wails

Her heart is broken, she must wake up
Now she’s awake and looks at the sky

The next time she sleeps
Upon the soft white quilt, she dreams again

She is flying through the sky
Towards the high white cloud

The red eyed mice do not see her
She lands amongst them hissing

She scratches them, she picks them up in her teeth
She throws them here, she throws them there

She reaps death amongst the red eyed mice
They all fall down and expire

The jewels are released from the ship in the clouds
They fall to earth like coloured lights

She gathers them up gently in her mouth
And takes them to safety

As she carefully places them down on the floor
They run around and play like little kittens

That lonely and emaciated cat

That lonely and emaciated cat
That used to wait for me to return
With its eyes so sorrowful
Afraid I’d gone for good
Purring immediately I stepped indoors
With my luggage bag
Following me everywhere I went
As I unpacked and made some tea
Not so much the food he wanted
As some attention from me

One week I returned home to find
He’d pined away unfed
His fur as thick as muddy grass
His bones like wooden beads
With the food I left out for him
Untouched stuck together like glue
How he found the strength to purr
That I never knew, and my friends
Would never have the time
To drop by to care for him
Yet still he stayed a cat of mine

Cats they like to see you cry

Cats they like to see you cry
But beneath their fur a great big grin
They look at you with two big eyes
And break your heart with sad meows

And when they see you sit and cry
They come and purr upon your lap
“I didn’t mean it”, they seem to say
And then they run outdoors to play

I Got Home Late That Night To Find

I got home late that night to find
That you’d misbehaved behind the T.V.
Why you did that I don’t know,
Was it something to do with me?

For the first time in your life
I locked you out for the night.
You spent the night on the doormat
Until the morning light.

I awoke up to a nice sunny morning
The sky had that early spring blue
As it shone in through the window
I was wondering what should I do.

I’ll let you in, in a moment,
Let me clean my teeth first.
You must be feeling hungry,
I’ll make sure your food is dispersed.

Then I heard a terrible growling,
Then a scuffling in the hallway outside.
I flung the front door wide open,
And I couldn’t believe my eyes.

A hound from hell had got you,
Was shaking you in his jaws.
There was hissing, screaming and panic,
As I tried to get you indoors.

I tried to scare him off you
But he dragged you out to the yard.
He shook you, like you’d shake a sparrow.
To get him to stop was hard

His owner finally called to him
After minutes of life and death tussle
He left your legs dragging behind you
As you crawled off out of trouble.

The hound from hell bounced away
Like a puppy who’d pleased his master.
As I tried to pick you up
To avoid any more disaster.

You hissed at me hopelessly
And got tangled up in a fence.
You stuck your claws in my soaking socks
It wasn’t making much sense.

I took off my socks and retrieved you,
Took you barefoot back inside.
Badly wounded , unable to walk.
It just brought tears to my eyes.

Sunday morning terror.
Sunday morning grief.
Someone’s hound had damaged you
So bad it’s beyond belief.

The emergency service was closing.
I had to wait ’til next day.
I nursed you with anxiety.
I don’t know what to say.

Fifty pence was the bus fare
Down to the P.D.S.A.
They said you would have to be put down.
It sure was a tragic day.

My constant companion for 10 years
So loyal, my best friend.
Today I’ve got to phone up to find out
If today your poor life will end.

Tues Feb 25th 96

But cats take no notice of this

You wave your arms in the air
You sway from side to side
You scrunge up the nose on your face
You make yourself go cross eyed
But cats take no notice of this
You may as well face the truth
They just sit there and grin
They sit there looking aloof

Your settee is torn to pieces
Your carpets have holes three feet deep
Your doors have nights and crosses
From the little claw sharpening creep

You say, here nice pussy, pussy
Time for your favorite bite
Or you want to give them medicine
Or show them off to someone’s wife
But the cats take no notice of this
They sense something in your eye
They just sit there and grin
Then arch their backs and fly

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