Painting: The Covid Patient

the hospital patient

I was talking to a friend, it was during the pandemic, and she had a cold, i was afraid she might end up in hospital with Covid, or something. It ended with me doing some drawings about it and one, this design I felt might be OK as a gouache drawing (but not as an oil painting). I did a few trials with it and have ended up with this one. I brought a frame for it even, unfortunately the supplier sent the wrong size card inset, typical.

Are you going out?

She sounds concerned
As she calls on the phone
Are you going out
Why are you alone

Like an angel with a bugle
He calls me again
Are you going out?
Please tell me when

like a white skinny spider
That can hardly walk
I’ve been so alone
I can hardly talk

I’m secretly afraid
Or I think that I am
Or I m what I think
Or I don’t understand

How going to Tesco’s
Can be an ordeal
With all the masked people
the atmosphere surreal

she’s made of steel
She’s as strong as an ox
But I’m the one
Who always gets the pox

Running out of logs

Running out of logs
Running out of firewood
Bodies in the Ganges
Bodies without love

Virus torn countryside
Virus torn town
There are no sides
Between mankind
Just a virus in a gown

Drifting over no-man’s land
Soaked in peoples tears
Drifting triumphantly
Obese with people’s fears

Running out of firewood
Running out of love

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