Song: Wilson (2nd version)

Yeah, that was Wilson
He was fast on the draw
Yeah, that was Wilson
He was outside the law

1.In his white silk shirt
And his Spanish hat
And his black waistcoat
How he cut a dash
With his iron guns
Strapped to his side
And the way he walked
And the way he died

2.How he kept so clean
With a barbers cut
who knows how
there’s no barmaids love
all that you could smell
was the smell of blood
and his spurs would jangle
around his foot

3.if you got in his way
you would have to pay
he’d humiliate you
til your hair turned grey
and your time ran out
and there a no time left
when he made his move
it was sudden death

4.Yea that was Wilson
he was fast on the draw
then he met one faster
it’s a gunslingers law
his evil heart stopped
his life slipped away
no one remembers
how he died that day

Wilson chorus on guitar