When you see the judge of judges

When you see the judge of judges
He is sitting in a palm tree
The sky so blue above Him
The sea so blue and so set free

He also frees the birds that fly
He also frees the fish that swim
And every animal on the land
Are set free by His mighty hand

When you see the Judge of judges
As He collects the swarming masses
That cover the land and the sea and the sky
That swarm like the darkness of rainy clouds
That can turn the day into night

When you see the Judge of judges
With lightning’s in his heart
His shoes are tied with rainbows
His shirt is made with cedar wood bark

And his eyes as steady as the midday sun
As strong as the humble whale
He looks at you and makes a sign
And the storm clouds begin to wail

They begin to wail with blood and rain
They begin to wail with angry laughter
They begin to wail with the cold north wind
And in the dark hereafter

When you see the judge of judges
Alive within your mind
And all creation He sets free
And He ends the end of time


God can bring them back
For look, look at the universe,
The spiral galaxies, the black holes,
The never ending existence of space.

Tell me why only flesh and blood could exist out there
Explain to me why you hate the idea of spirits
The truth is you cannot, you have no excuse
You are a product of ignorance.

For look, look up there and see
There’s nothing that cannot exist
And there’s all the time and space
To ensure that it does.

And the God, is a master of His environment
And the God is a creator of His environment
Just like we are masters of ours (young as we are)
Just like we are creators of ours (young as we are)

But God is patient he lets destruction alone
Until it forms its end;
But we are impatient we are in destruction
And our end is formed.

But God can bring it back
Like relighting a candle-flame
The whole universe is his laboratory
And we are his creation.


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