The Womans Cult

The girl had seen the sign
A dance beneath the stars
Meant only for womankind
Where all of the men were barred

She slipped away beguiled
From her lover’s bed
To the call of the wild
Was by the darkness led

Into a forest clearing
Where torches lit the scene
Of wild woman sneering
And calling things obscene

And with their wild dance
She swirled and spun and swayed
Into demonic trances
She wantonly now had strayed

Her lover found her missing
Came looking for his muse
And while entranced she called his name
So he answered bemused

They jumped on him like wild beasts
They tore his body apart
Upon the bloodstained ground, they feast
They even ate his heart

The villagers were angry
At what the women had done
They took their swords and knives
And slaughtered every one

They beat their breast in sorrow
When the maids were identified
They were their wives and daughters
That had once lived by their side