Touch the Ground

On this same ground of planet earth
Touch it with your fingertips
Everyone touch this ground of planet earth
Your planet, what’s it worth?

In America touch the ground
In China touch the ground with your fingertips
Everyone, everywhere today
Touch the ground of Planet Earth

Touch the ground for peace
Touch the ground for harmony
Touch the ground for love
Touch the ground for Planet Earth

Connect with each other through the earth, through your fingertips
Everyone at the same time
Like a humble prayer
Touch the earth with your fingertips and weep

Remember how on this same ground
Of Planet Earth that all around you touch with your fingertips
Insane Japanese soldiers poured out the blood of raped and murdered Chinese in Nanking
While at the same time in America Jack Kerouac went out on the road writing his novels and his prose

As you touch this earth with your fingertips
Think of the feet of refugees walking on it now
Kicking up the sand and dust in the hot sun
Robbed of food by dictators of Planet Earth
On this same ground all human history has taken place
Touch it with your fingertips

Touch the earth with your fingertips
With your neighbors far away
Love the earth the Planet Earth today
Touch the earth and won’t all borders seem to vanish and disappear

All touch the earth and maybe there’ll be no more fear
And all languages will be freed from their mountains
And all languages will be freed from their plains
As millions of fingertips touch the earth
A human forest of fingertips

On Planet earth so blue and twinkling with vitality
All shout out no more brutality
And those who touch the earth with their fingertips
And go on to commit atrocity
Should be removed from it with the utmost velocity by its creator I say
Who the Planet Earth betray.

And you bird, set into the earth

and you bird, set into the earth
tuned in, with no need of
thought or emotion; for any change
a perfectly flying instrument, you, bird.

and I wish I were now perfectly set
into the world, upon the earth
like a diamond, lasting forever
tuned in, perfected for existence.


There’s been a change in the weather

There’s been a change in the weather
And things are looking good
I leave my nightmare sleeping
In its pool of blood
Outside the traffics growing
Enough to reach the moon
The cuckoo clock is ticking
In my living room
The old cat flap is banging
I think I have a spy
I check my favourite website
For any creeping lies

There’s been a change in the weather
The glass case cries a tear
My polluted stream of conscience
Is running off in fear
Out in the dotted landscape
The giant scissors cut
And if I had a staircase
I’d go and take a look
I smoke alarm is ringing
I hope that no one dies
I’m checking out the comics
To see who is using knives

There’s been a change in the weather
I hope that things relax
cleaning under the sink
I find I owe some tax
Outside the air lanes busy
They’re making all that noise
Leaving water vapour trails
Of writing in the sky
The life and death that’s in me
Is sitting all about
The eagle in the living room
It wants to be let out

There been a change in the weather
The sky begins to change
A newsflash on the T.V.’s
Reporting something strange
The air is getting colder
I think it’s gonna rain
I’d try to warn my neighbour
But then they’ll just complain
My wounds are feeling angry
I’ll make a cup of tea
This is the final message
You’ll ever get from me

Here is a PDF of the sheet music with chords and lyrics.

There’s been a change in the weather

Sadness spills over in me

Sadness spills over in me
Sadness chokes me
I swing like a hanged man from a tree
With all the world around me in the gloom

I fought hard to understand
The careless love of mankind
I burned like a witch in a fire
With all the nations of the world around me in the smoke

In the end, I had to try and give in
But still, I can’t believe it
Is there no one left worth saving
Are we all turning to pillars of salt

The earth the gorgeous earth

The earth the gorgeous earth
Should you be surprised?
That invisible powers fight over her

Unique in all the universe
Alone in all her beauty
Filled with wonder and imagination

Evil designs are attracted to her
She shows the scars of the battles fought
But still, the blue jewel moves proudly on

That mankind lived for centuries
Not knowing where he was
Foolish mankind, arrogant mankind

That mankind thinks he is alone in the darkness
When the earth is placed like a sapphire in high security
So that no one can steal her away

It is foolish and conceited
To let yourselves think
That you are alone with such a great prize as the earth