Chris Hall poem collaboration

Hello Chris – and fellow blog persons.

This is the beginning of a collaboration, Chris Hall’s poem: Together We Are Strong published on on April 7th 2020.

I was reading the poem when it occurred to me that it told a story, from verse to verse, has drama and strong expressive images and that would work as a song. So I got in touch and put forward my idea and she seemed OK with it.

I’ll try to publish the progress on my blog showing the changes and ideas as they happen. At first, I tried a couple of rhythms led ideas that didn’t seem to work, so then I just sat down with my guitar and tried to play a melody over minor chords. Then fearing I might lose what I had so far I took a break. Now that I come back to it I’m not sure and yet it could be ok or not. 🙂 (My smiley faces never work or some reason but I tried, no I’m wrong there it is).

chris hall poem

I thought I’d finished

I thought I’d finished writing poems
That I’d emptied out my heart
And come to my end

But the heart is not dead and as I write
It seems to be filling up again
With new things to say

Pull me yet another pint
As I look for another song
Entering the bar in another life

So that is it, I do not die
And blood like fiery petrol
Fills up my old tin can of a heart

I‘ve seen so much and heard of much more
And what I haven’t seen could be waiting
Further down the road to be embraced

Yet in my heart I embrace so much
And you will always be there
Sifting through the past to look for the future