I watch the unwanted teen

I watch the unwanted teenager
Approach the abyss
Really it was a tower with a moat all around t
It was an island alp surrounded by deep lakes

Yes, I watched the unwanted teenager
Approach the sliced water filled rock faces
Everything behind her destroyed
by the stuffed animals of her home life

one bright new thing came to life
irrespective of the destruction wrought upon her
on the other side of the abyss
in the alpine region of our minds

a set of tuning forks floating up right
reformed into a tubular sun
she leapt across the abyss like a new child
reaching out for its new creation

I follow you for a while

I follow you for a while
Through the breaking glaciers
Where the wind lights fires
I see you in red volcanic glow

I follow you for a while
Thinking you are my mother
I am not recognised alas
Yet I care not whose face you have

I follow you for a while
Into the low plains stretched like hammocks
In the memory songs of rare birds
I fly ahead of the air rifles bullets

Not Icarus

I was soaring
High above the bodies
Leaving behind
Life’s boulders, seas and sand
Its gold triangles
And broken drumsticks

I was flying
In draughts of darkness
In me – my consciousness
Said nothing
As I looked for the sun
To guide me

I began to find some light
Like a child pretending to fly
I could see the land beneath
Like a kite I had eyes

Nothing burning, nothing breaking
I was free in my airy penthouse
I escaped without melting
I woke up without dying

When you lie down flat

When you lie down flat
On sand or grass
You watch the clouds
Go floating past

You can get the feeling
that you’re on a ferry
That you’re moving on something

And the sun shines bright
So far away
It reveals all life
In the length of day

Sleeping, dreaming
Movements precise
Never to be
In the same place twice

It all revolves
Without fixed point
Across the range
Of endless sky

Awake too soon

The six o’clock dawn
Opening the sky
The breath of light
Turns dreams into roots
Rising from the sea of sleep
My soul is filled with leaves
My face comes to life
On the border of light
In the bright space
A song begins seeing
The bow of summer
Ploughs through rippling waves
I reach for a lifeline
But I sink back in its depth

the privet of the mind

your memories
should balance
your emotions

they cannot exist
in fire

if your emotions
hurt you
to excess
your memories
burn away

if your memories
are mostly bad
do they hut you?
do your emotions
will destroy them?

if your emotions
are on fire
day after day
your memories
will perish

those good memories
they will hide away
under the privet of the mind
while the big guns speak
and your mind crashes

There is snow

there is snow
and man is snow
mostly cold
fading in warm light

there is snow
like I am snow

in the great snowfalls
people die like mushrooms

feeling cold
amongst the snowmen

your hands
in white gloves

your heart stands out
against the snow field

there is
welcome snow
its scaffold
like stalactites
in a stalag
of ice

there is
the splat of snowballs
the serpentine breeze
the chimes of the sun

then the sludge, black
under the traffic, the ice
sharp and hard
beneath your feet

You cross the rainbow

You cross the rainbow
the rainbow crossing
to the other side of life

if there is more blue mixed with yellow
your life is sad brings hope
if there is more red mixed with yellow
your life is exciting with strong thoughts

what if the rainbow it fades away
is the first thing like death
a new born baby sees into God

as it floats in its cradle on the sea
amongst the reeds crying

and a rainbow mother saves it
in the orphan rain opens its eyes
adopts the infant gives it riches
in her solar train makes it blind

Memories lost

You think that
• Losing your memory is like losing your life
• Losing your life is memories lost

The earth cannot bear so many memories
And death doesn’t store them up

What is more important to you
That you keep your memories
Or that you still can love?

I would give all of my memories for love
I would let love take all my memories

Memories are used – not often, not always
Memories are not always good

Some memories are like life itself
They recall the days of sunshine
They form like pearls, or like cancers

Life is a necklace of random pearls
Many go missing, falling to the floor
Searching you may be reminded of one

Memory closes like a flytrap
over the worst and the best

Memories are lost
but we can still keep out minds
We are still ourselves;
But minds that are lost
make us like inputs
attached to the earth
existing only for food and sleep

But I would hope
That out of sleep comes healing
slowly sleep gets busy with repairs
And we can wake up refreshed
Knowing who we are
Knowing our loved ones whom we lost
that moved about like ghosts in our vision;
ghosts we could not put names to

What power makes our focus fade?
An inner blindness of the heart
Does the soul walk away from the body
Unable to take any more of its life

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