Father fetch those chains

Father fetch those chains
This boy he’s no good
Father fetch those chains
He’s not our blood – anymore

1.He won’t go to school
He just runs away
He won’t do his work
He just wants to play

2.He don’t believe in god
Neither in god’s love
He won’t trust in sacrifice
or in Lord Jesus’s blood

3.He does not act right
He sings in the rain
He gets into fights
He has got a bad name

4.Sister wants to say
He just needs our love
But he breaks the rules
Swearing like a lug

Song: A Dream Has Told Me So

Lyric sheet

I know that you are leaving me,
A dream has told me so.
I’m going back to Brownhills
To the love I used to know

Those days are gone like morning dew
And like the summer breeze
And we will be returning soon
Like the growth of next years leaves

Ghosts of the past are welcome here
We all can live as friends
Ghosts of the present welcome too
To a world that never ends

The things we see with our eyes
And things down deep inside
And things that we can talk about
And things we have to hide

A dream has told me so

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