Getting out

No fanfare
No pep talk

You were like
A man waiting
A church door

Standing there
You could see
The river of time
Flowing like crude oil
Across the sky

In the desolate land
A car drives up
To take you away

in the film about a bank robber there is often the scene where he is standing outside the prison gate set free

The Misfits

The horse could gallop for miles and miles
Across Gods ancient land
Freedom was its birth-right
That’s how it was planned

The horse could gallop for miles and miles
Between the city walls
Freedom was its own delight
Freedom was its call

The horse could gallop a mile or two
Between the land work gear
Freedom was its yearning
Capture was its fear

The horse then stopped its galloping
Inside a coral fence
And freedom was the moving hooks
Inside the slaughter house

And those who speak of freedom
As bought and sold in clay
Who sleep in beds of marble
Are the ones who’ve lost their way

Hey, grain man

Hey, grain man
Can it be
You have some
Grain for me
If I grind it
With a stone
I will never
Be alone

Hey grain man
Here I stand
Weights and measures
In my hand
To make the meal
Of justice white
To make the flour
Of love shine bright

Hey grain man
Save for me
Grains of love
And when I’m poor
And hungry too
I’ll mill the grain
That’s what I’ll do

Hey grain man
In the sky
Give me bread
Before I die
Let me rest
Can I be free
Can I have
The love I need

Sometimes I can’t believe

Sometimes I can’t believe
Ow free I am
I would cry for the day
And here I am
Sometimes my freedom seems
Like endless and
I just can’t believe
How free I am

Sometimes I can’t believe
How free I am
That I can wake up
Unchained from evil man
To say to myself, well
Here I am
I just can’t believe
How free I am

Three little children

Three little children
Run about
The three little children
Of freedom
Made of innocent-love
In and out of the streets
Making everyone smile-glad
With thoughtless pleasure
Three of your ribs
The three little children of freedom
If only
They could infect everyone they met
Everywhere they went
With freedom-child fun
With freedom-born-permanence
With pain free-fun-life

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