The road went underground

The road went through a subway of bad dreaming
Cars came to a final end and love lost all meaning.
Time became a spectre that crossed from life to death
Time seizes control of your travels, to recompense its loss.

Were you wrong in what you said? Were you out of depth?
Who speaks up for you? Was there anything left?
The thread of sinister shadow reaches in with lacerations.
Perils have crossed over you, led by accusations.

Cruelly you lived long enough, surely you asked why
The secret arose over you, why were you meant to die?



The Secret Garden

I’d passed by the secret garden
Once before
It didn’t call out to me then
It didn’t attract me into it
It was the beginning of autumn
The deer enclosure seemed more exciting

Then one day there was you
The mystery girl in the secret garden
Observing the symmetry of its pathways
The quietness of its winter temple
The inner ring of hedge and bench
That seemed like a lover’s sanctum

You seemed to be taken away from me
Following a dream
In private ecstasy
The recollection of a memory
That you shared with sleeping trees and flowers

In my heart, I had tears
Born from my observation of you
The rare orange blossoms left
Upon bare winter branches
Caught my eye and I wanted to pick them

For the mystery girl within you
Born in a secret garden
Who wants all of its beauty
Who wants all of its life
Walk just a little further
Search just a little deeper
And you will find a secret garden
Grown from wild pleasure

The orange sunset inspired you
Through the darkness of the avenue
The private road, a pathway of evergreen
The huge white dogs carved in stone
A bridge over a stretch of friendly water
The park gates between colossal columns
The sunset again

Then the secret garden was gone
But had breathed into us
And left the seed of its’ angelic breath
That grew into a magic living spell
Searching out our hearts

JAN 17

All the Time that I’ve Known You

This is a piece of light music I wrote on a music programme. Please click on the item to listen.