Aurelius Borealis

there is a God who turns
the flames of the sun
into the Aurelius Borealis
over a land so full of miracles

it’s a blue suede shoes land
that puts up with extinction
that puts up with climate change
that fights wars in poor countries
that gives to industrialists
by taking away from nature

how long have they got?
What will be their fatal mistake?

The Aurelius Borealis
Is like a rainbow
It is like a sign
It Is like a promise
Of protection

He draws near

He draws near
And the earth is disturbed
He draws away
And the earth rests easy
He draws near from where?
He draws away to where

The New Horizons spacecraft
After 9 years of space travel
Reached the planet Pluto

It took 9 hours of space travel
To receive its first picture of the planet
– Prayer it seems takes a split second

Beyond the range of telescopes
Beyond the mapped universe
Out of reach of all of His creation
This fabulous God seems to live

He can move quicker than an atom
He can hear even our thoughts
He can focus like a microscope on the smallest thing

Pluto was too far away to be seen
Pluto was the last to be explored
Pluto astonished the scientists
with its heart-shaped land feature

No one had seen its heart before
It was so far away in space

Perhaps it was a sign
Perhaps it was a symbol
Perhaps God too has a heart

If he draws nearer in anger
The universe quakes
If he draws near in love
Like a mother hen, he covers his chicks

It is not only a very special earth
It is a very special solar system

Pluto with the heart shape



Clapping their lives

Clapping their lives

Clapping their lives
Clapping their deaths
They need their rest

Clapping their strength
Their bravery
The nurses
That we love best

Ideal mothers
Tested and tried
By the sickness
In our eyes

Take one in your arms
Let her feel your tears
These poor mortal women
Who do not show their fears

I was reading

I was reading
I was dug deep in my unconsciousness
Hardly breathing
Then I looked up at the bright light
In the window
And all of my dark thoughts
Lost their meaning
I’ll be aware
I’ll take care
The thoughts of God
Are everywhere


I seek not and I am left alone

I seek not and I am left alone
I let go because I am sad
The soul is in the blood and is made of self
Without a mother, the baby dies

Learn about what nature says to God through nature
The design of nature is the foundation of mankind
In the void, I hang like an autumn leaf
On this branch of Gods memory

If the best that everyone has to offer was allowed
Goodness like a blanket of snow would cover the earth


God can bring them back
For look, look at the universe,
The spiral galaxies, the black holes,
The never ending existence of space.

Tell me why only flesh and blood could exist out there
Explain to me why you hate the idea of spirits
The truth is you cannot, you have no excuse
You are a product of ignorance.

For look, look up there and see
There’s nothing that cannot exist
And there’s all the time and space
To ensure that it does.

And the God, is a master of His environment
And the God is a creator of His environment
Just like we are masters of ours (young as we are)
Just like we are creators of ours (young as we are)

But God is patient he lets destruction alone
Until it forms its end;
But we are impatient we are in destruction
And our end is formed.

But God can bring it back
Like relighting a candle-flame
The whole universe is his laboratory
And we are his creation.


“By my Name Jehovah I was Not Known”

A name above the shop door
A manufacturer’s sense of pride
Businesses are called by a name
That emanates far and wide.

But broke into a million pieces
Changed to suit every need
God’s Name keeps disappearing
Under a mountain of greed.

In a church you’ll find a name
Sometimes several or more
But look above the altar
But look above the door.

His name, a sign of quality
Just like a Saville Row suit
You know that it’s been tailored
With a skill that’s absolute

The body beneath the clothing
That dances like Fred Astaire;
But the makers Name is forgotten
Though his work is everywhere.

Oct 22, 1995